A trip to Gombak

A few days ago my friend Keong asked me if I was interested to join him for a trip to Gombak.The plan was to  visit the orchard of Raman, a Semai Orang Asli who would demonstrate various traditional techniques.






We met in Gombak, crossed a tunnel under the Karak highway and walked for about 20 minutes beside a small stream to Raman’s orchard. He showed us how to build a traditional shelter and the working of traps to catch squirrels and other small animals.






Another part of the program was an instruction in the making of good knots. Very useful for me, as I bought a hammock recently, but am still lacking the skills to use knots properly.



We finished this very interesting half-day trip with a lunch prepared by Raman’s wife.

Click here for a full report of this  trip on Multiply

2 thoughts on “A trip to Gombak

  1. looks like you are no fisherman (the most secure knots). fishing line, especially the monofilament kind, unravel easily. thus fishermen use very secure knots.
    you had not been a boy scout either, or you would have learned many useful knots.
    chuan, khong and i can teach you a few ‘naughty’ ways to secure your hammock.

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