Apollo et Hyacinthus
Opera written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1767 when he was 11 year old.

Recorded in 1989-1990 by the Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Leipzig, conductor Max Pommer

Venceslava Hruba-Freiberger, soprano (Melia)
Arno Raunig, sopranist (Hyacinthus)
Ralf Popken, countertenor (Apollo)
Axel Koehler, countertenor (Zephyrus)
John Dickie, tenor (Oebalus)

Here is the libretto of the opera, in the original Latin, with an English translation.
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Act 1

No 1: Entrada

No 2: Recitativo: (Hyacinthus/Zephyrus/Oebalus/Melia)

No 3: Chorus

No 4: Recitativo: (Melia/Oebalus/Hyacinthus/Zephyrus)

No 5: Aria: (Hyacinthus)>

No 6: Recitativo: (Oebalus/Apollo/Hyacinthus/Melia/Zephyrus)

No 7: Aria (Apollo)

Act 2

No 8: Recitativo: (Oebalus/Melia)

No 9: Aria (Melia)

No 10: Recitativo: (Zephyrus/Oebalus/Melia)

No 11: Aria (Zephyros)

No 12: Recitativo: (Zephyrus/Melia/Apollo)

No 13: Duetto: (Melia/Apollo)

Act 3

No 14: Recitativo accompagnato: (Hyacinthus/Oebalus)

No 15: Aria (Oebalus)

No 16: Recitativo: (Melia, Oebalus)

No 17: Duetto: (Oebalus/Melia)

No 18: Recitativo: (Apollo/Oebalus/Melia)

No 19: Terzetto: (Apollo/Melia/Oebalus)