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Tasik Kenyir, June 2012

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Recent excavations
Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:
What's the story?

Kwai Loh wrote on Jun 11, 2012:
Archaeological excavations have taken place in 2009. Skeletal remains and artifacts from the Neolithic period have been found. Here is a report.

Dan wrote on Jun 11, 2012:
Interesting ....4000-6000 years ago. The DNA result should be interesting, I'll try to google for it later..

Liz wrote on Jun 11, 2012:
The archaeological digs first started in 1959. The main excavations by UKM was late 1980s. The Star report you linked to is much more recent. Your photo shows the 1980s holes (I took the same photo in 1999!).

Kwai Loh wrote on Jun 12, 2012:
These are recent pits. There are two more, surrounded by ornamental fencing, those may be from the 1980 excavations.

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