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The Great Wall of Kiara, July 2012

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This used to be forest
wrote on Jul 24, 2012:
This photo is of the Bar-a-Kuda highway, an 11meter wide crushed gravel road build so some unknown reason by JLN. Well I guess the reason for any road it to drive on it. Not at all what we want in the Kiara Permanent Forest Reserve is it. We already have 100,000km of roads, can't we leave a few KM free of smoke and noise and just walk.

Here we see fence posts being hauled to the work site on the fence. They could have been hand carried to site, about 100m downhill, on a 2 foot wide singletrack trail, for which zero trees need have been cut. JLN, or more properly Berkat Prestati Sdn Bhd, easily could have hired more workers and hand-carried all the materials as promised, as the do so for the final few meters to install them. But no, they went and plowed, perhaps with no authorisation to destroy our forest, and drive up and down with their tractor. In some place (Pure Quill) the temporary haulage road was used less than one week and then abandon, treeless and muddy.

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