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The Great Wall of Kiara, July 2012

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wrote on Jul 24, 2012:
The lazy way to build a fence: cut down all the trees, bulldoze a path, roll it smooth and truck in all the parts to exactly where they are installed. The better way: cancel the tender, refund the taxpayers over payment, start VSS'ing excess workers and go out and enjoy Kiara, all 1500 acres of it. This is at Bar-a-kuda highway, JLN's road that bisects the bike trail Bar-a-Kuda. Do you see the old trail? It's huge by IMBA trail standards, doubletrack here as it passed along the lower arboretum. See that shady, leaf covered path on the left? Wish that was all you could see in the Kiara forest and not the prison-style Great Wall of Kiara.

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