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The Great Wall of Kiara, July 2012

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Walking the tar roads
wrote on Jul 25, 2012:
Did you know you can safely walk up Kiara at all hours? It's lighted 7pm - 7am and manned by three guardposts, though it seems the only thing than need guarding is the forest from development. Did you know the yellow marking lines, indicate the side lanes for walkers, with bicyclists in the centre, for your safety? Did you know one estimate put the number of visitors at 7,000 unique visitors in a week. Did you know there is a safe and easy Park Connector nature trail linking Rokia's Pond with the hill slope parking area? Did you know the Natural forest used to be within reach from the tarmac lane, but JLN keeps killing, cutting, grooming and pushing Nature back, out of reach, out of mind, creating a desert of manicured grassland, hot and sunny and sterile.

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