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The Great Wall of Kiara, July 2012

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Relaxed and quiet
wrote on Jul 24, 2012:
This the be beginning of the Snakes&Ladders trail. It was once densely vegetated on both sides, narrow singletrack, but once the upper arboretum (a collection of trees) was cleared out several years ago it is more a plantation and clear and not natural. With the thinning out of the forest, the feeling of wilderness and peace and quiet is killed, once you can see the tarmac road below, see the street lamps, see joggers head up the other direction, construction vehicles coming down. It destroys the feeling. Appeal to JLN to stop all deforestation projects.

For example it's been said that for each expensive name-brand sapling they replant, 14,000 at last claim, they cut upto 10 - 20 existing natural free ones already existing. Yes, this lets in the sun and helps their chosen tree survive, at the expense of the existing perfectly fine trees. So ask how many trees they killed to plant those 14,000, is it 140,000 killed? And you may have noticed, about 60% of those 14,000 are busy right now shrivling and dieing on there own accord. Will they re-replant a 2nd time? or re-re-replant? So what is the net additional trees? half, a third, negative? You know the exising trees are thriving, free, and natural, so why bother, JLN?

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