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The Great Wall of Kiara, July 2012

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Trails and fence
wrote on Jul 24, 2012:
With so many valleys and densely wooded knolls, Kiara's 4 square kilometers of forest have hosted 53 named, and carefully crafted mountain bike trails over the past 2 decades. Some are long gone thanks to that blob of destruction called Mont Kiara in the upper right of this picture, with bungalows on Malay Reserve land being snapped up by the highest bidder, denied to 1,000,000 potential users. This picture doesn't even capture all trails, especially the few newer ones in the South West corner and the trails farther north, up to Jalan Duta highway. With all this activity, you'd be surprised how unnoticed our 37km of narrow winding singletrack trails are, built to International Mountain Bike Association standards, of minimal environmental impact, whatever the cost and care needed to achieve, by all-volunteer effort lead by the Penghulu of Kiara, Pat.
But it could all be demolished in the next couple of months, if you do nothing, risk nothing, give nothing back to Kiara, a place you can love.

Liz wrote on Jul 26, 2012:
wow !

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