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Ulu Gepai 28/3/2010
Last year I have published a Multiply report about the Tigok waterfall, discovered by my friend Siang Hui, using Google Earth. Exploring the high-res Google Earth imagery of the region east of Bidor, he had spotted other waterfalls in the upper regions of the Gepai river.

The Gepai waterfall , near to Bidor is a popular destination for the locals. Would it be possible to reach the (faraway!) upstream falls, starting from here?
According to Siang Hui, access should be possible from Kg Senta, an Orang Asli kampung on the way to the Tigok Fall.
Harry, another member of the WS recce team, had explored the region upstream of the Gepai fall and found clear trails, leading to several other waterfalls. He had even reached the first of the falls, spotted by Siang Hui on GE.

He was willing to guide me and my friend Rani to this Lata Jala. Because that is the name of the falls, the Jala river is actually a tributary of the Gepai river.
As it would be a long hike, we left home early, had breakfast in Bidor and started walking at 8:30 am. A clear trail, but you need somebody who knows the way, so many forks. We reached the waterfall after about 4 hours trekking. The last part was tough, river trekking, slippery boulders.

It is very rewarding to actually see the real waterfall, after you have seen it first on GE...:-)!
Beautiful large pool.
We had our lunch here and then went back, to visit the other waterfalls halfway. There is another fall, about 500 m upstream, we decided to leave that one for a next visit..:-)

On the way back a downpour started, but that is part of the game. As are the numerous leeches...:-) We almost took the wrong trail on our way back, which would probably have taken us to Kg Senta.

At 6 pm, after 9.5 hours hiking, and covering a distance of about 20 km, we came back to our car. Tired but happy

Trail head near the Gepai fall

Clear trail

A broken (logging) bridge

Left over after the logging

Last part is river trekking

Passing smalll waterfalls

Almost there

Visible through the trees

Lata Jala

Lower part

Upper part

My personal marker

Rani, Harry and Jala
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Another huge tree

On our way back

Almost like a fire

Peacock Fern

River crossing

The upper Gepai fall

Looking down the Gepai river

Tributary, joining Gepai

Our trail

wrote on Mar 29, 2010:
another falls to your list .......congrats

Dan wrote on Mar 29, 2010:
u know what... I'm just glad that this beautiful waterfall is remote and hard to access. Keep it that way...

wrote on Mar 29, 2010:
I miss waterfalls!!! Thanks for the writeout and pics. Looking forward to more : >

wrote on Mar 29, 2010:
And Jan in the bottom right corner. :)

wrote on Mar 31, 2010:
hey Jan .. nice discovery, must feel really good to find a new waterfall !

Kwai Loh wrote on Mar 31, 2010:
Yes, but I hope that I made it clear that I was not the first one to visit it. Siang Hui discovered it on Google Earth, and Harry was the first one to actually visit it.
Imagine how many more falls are waiting to be discovered, once the whole of Malaysia will be imaged in high-res on Google Earth!

wrote on Mar 31, 2010:
yaya...its clear in your write up :-) Looking forward more new waterfall discoveries from you and friends.
And maybe see ya the blue and yellow store with free coffee, ha ha

Kwai Loh wrote on Mar 31, 2010:
You are welcome..:-) On weekdays around 11 am, I am almost always there

wrote on Mar 31, 2010:
do you call this a 'spidey' fall? /stephen

lightlingmk2 wrote on Apr 5, 2010:
spider or octopus, it's ok, lah.

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