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Kem Pacat 23-7-2006
Kem Pacat is a campsite en route to the infamous Gunung Nuang. I had been to the Lolo Fall before, but never tried the steep slopes of the mountain itself. So, when I had the chance to join a group, preparing for Gunung Tahan, I decided to try my stamina.

After breakfast in Suntex and checking in with the Rangers, we started walking with a big group of people, several of whom I had met before.
The first part of the trek is easy, a wide 'road' leading to the Lolo Fall and the water intake.
At Lolo there is a big, messy campsite, more like a rubbish dump.

After this camp, the trail becomes very steep. And after rain, very slippery, but we were lucky, the rain only started on our way back, after we had passed this tough part.

We were not the only ones, on this Sunday. The Kem Pacat looked more like a food court. In traditional MNS style (Makan Non Stop), everybody was preparing lunch.

We had a big downpour on the way back, that is part of the game...;-)
The total walking distance was 16 km, altitude difference ~ 900 m and trekking time eight hours.

I did it...! But if I am able to do the main challenge, going up and down Gunung Nuang in one day..? Hmmm...

PS Kem Pacat means Leech Camp. But this time no leeches...:-)

Breakfast at Suntex

Checking in

The first part
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Near the fall

To the Lolo Camp

Lolo Camp

Starting the second part

Kem Pacat
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Me, having lunch
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Others, having lunch

Time to go down

Steep slope

Big tree, small girl


Afternoon nap
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Natural Shower
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Near Lolo Fall

Ginger flowers

wrote on Jul 30, 2006:
invitation for a dance, eh?

wrote on Jul 30, 2006:
jan, you are lucky on two counts. one: sitting on the ground in kem pacat is only inviting guests for lunch. two: nazi lemak is not a good choice. if there really were coconut milk in the rice, you'd know why i typed NAZI lemak. in the hot confines of your backpack, the coconut milk can basi (ferment) your lunch and turn it into a great stomach churner. -- stephen

wrote on Jul 30, 2006:
I remember that one!

wrote on Jul 30, 2006:
heheheheh. trails like that used to provide "entertainment" for those camping at tea garden, bukit larut .... when it rains lah. on bukit larut, these are known as "shortcuts". that one at tea garden is the longest, though not the steepest. and yes slippery in the rain. that's when campers gather at the verandah of the rest house there to cheer on the less sure-footed "bum" down the trail. yeah, you'd literally go down the trail on your bum. the record, it believe, is held by a teacher who bummed his way from near the top to the bottom.he received the loudest cheers on checking in on the rest house to wash up. -- stephen

wrote on Jul 30, 2006:
better if it were in the shade. only mad dogs and gwailohs lie in the sun. -- stephen

wrote on Jul 30, 2006:
this is not a natural shower. it is better -- a water massage. there is something similar i used to enjoy while camping at tea garden, bukit larut. but the water was cold man, cold ... brrrrr! and, yes, jan, there's a mini-fall there, too. -- stephen

wrote on Jul 30, 2006:
Yeah, never fail to catch a glimpse of them. Blooms throughout the year.

wrote on Jul 31, 2006:
wah, so many ppl, look like mega sale in the jungle

wrote on Jul 31, 2006:
Hi Jan! Really like your ginger flowers. Last time I shot them at G. Nuang it did not turn out so good.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Aug 2, 2006:
NO COMMENT ... anyway thanks for sharing

wrote on Aug 19, 2006:
We didn't see them though when we were there a few months ago.

I really like this shot, Jan.

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