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My 60th Birthday, 17 April 2004
When I was in Maxwell Hill last December, I realised that here was the ideal location to celebrate my sixtieth birthday. So I booked a bungalow and invited some friends. This is the report of a perfect birthday party

Lunch in Taiping
After leaving KL early with Pat and Roger, we met George and Stephen in Taiping. Both of them were born in Taiping and they still know where to find good food.

Buying Kueh
George and Aric buying traditional Malay sweets

The Lake Gardens
The famous Lake Gardens of Taiping with Maxwell Hill in the background

Admiring the view
For Pat and Roger it was their first visit of Taiping

The Jeep Station
Private cars are not allowed on the narrow road up to Maxwell Hill. Here we are boarding a Landrover which will bring us up.

On our way
Here everybody is still looking fine. More than 70 hairpin bends later, that was different, some faces were green!

Tea time
After arrival in the Speedy bungalow, it was time for tea.

Drinking time
The bungalow could do with some renovation, but we liked the nostalgic atmosphere very much

Dinner time
Having our dinner. Mr Guna, the caretaker, turned out to be a good cook.

Atlas Moth
At the back of the bungalow Mr Guna had placed a strong light, which attracted hundreds of moths, some of them huge ones, like this Atlas Moth (can reach about 20-30 cm wingspan)

There was an amazing variety of size, shape and color

Moths are nocturnal. Attracted by the strong light during the night, they just remain quiet during the day.

Leaf Insect
A brilliant green leaf insect

Leaf Insect
A beautiful Leaf Insect in broad daylight, size about 5 cm

Coral Snake
On a night safari with Mr Guna we had a surprise meeting with the (very poisonous) Blue Malayan Coral Snake

View Point
No, George is not afraid of the snake. Just inspecting his home town.

The Speedy bungalow in the morning sunlight

Mr Guna, pointing out some details of Taiping

The garden of the Speedy bungalow abounds in beautiful flowers

Detail of a Lily

A tradional English breakfast, with toast, fried egg and baked beans

What is in it?
What would be inside it?

A suitable birthday card
A very suitable card give by Pat and Roger.

With a warning
Mind the warning, however

Ready for a walk
Ready for a morning walk

Fern Tree
Everywhere these beautiful Fern Trees



Some of the bungalows are deserted and in this case have been taken over by swiftlets

Giant Spider
Who is afraid of Red, Yellow and Black?

These fruits are not edible, but nice to look at

Leech Control
Pat and Roger had to get used to the ubiquitous presence of leeches.

Maxwell Hill
The 'Center' of Maxwell Hill with a few bungalows and a small canteen.

Lunch Time
A Lunch Break at the Canteen

New Guests
When we came back to the bungalow, new guests had arrived

A suitable gift from Pat and Roger: a small glass with "60" painted on it

Drinking Time
European Style Drinking. Wine, Whisky, French Cheese

Aric preparing the barbecue

Waiting for food
George and Paul, getting hungry

We were lucky, it was not raining, only some romantic fog

Visitor from Heaven?
Roger in a spiritual mood..:-)

The Official Picture
From Left to Right: Paul, Pat, Mr Guna, Roger, Aric, Jan, Rahim, Edward, Stephen and George

Enjoying the wine

And the food

Cuban cigar
Roger gave me another present, a Cuban cigar. A dangerous present for a former chain-smoker

The lighting ritual
Edward, lighting the cigar in the correct way.

Hmm... not bad
It was a very nice cigar, but no risk that I will pick up the smoking habit again

Birthday Cake
No birthday without a cake! Aric had asked Mr Guna to buy one in Taiping

Blowing the candles

Cutting the cake

Taking a piece

And eating it
Eating the cake. Have a close look at Aric's face, while he is feeding me.

Sunday Morning. Almost ready for departure

We felt like sardines in a tin

The Tea Gardens
This is where the vehicles can pass each other

All those hairpins!
Edward and George, looking forward to the end of the rollercoaster trip

Finally back
Back at our cars and a normal road..:-)

A last goodbye picture at the Lake Gardens

Farewell Lunch
But of course not before taking lunch

Kuala Kangsar
On the way back to KL we showed Pat and Roger some interesting sights. This is the Ubadiah Mosque

Royal Museum
The former Istana Kenangan, now the Royal Museum in Kuala Kangsar

We had arranged to drop Pat and Roger at their friends place in Rawang. Surprise...! These friends had organised another barbecue to celebrate Roger's and my birthday

Nice food and wine again

So Big!
I have no idea what I am talking about here. But everybody seems to be impressed.

Birthday Cake
No Birthday without......

Thank you!

Blowing the candles

Cutting the Cake

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