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Not just an ordinary weekend, 14-9-08
When I meet people here in Malaysia, they often ask: How do your spend your days?
Then I explain that I am retired and that I am enjoying life.
That I love outdoor activities and never have a boring day. Hm... ok, almost never..:-)

Of course, being a senior citizen, my energy is limited, and after an active day I like to take some rest.

But there are exceptions, like this weekend.
It started in a relaxed way on the Friday evening, when I had a meeting with my friend Ash and Willie, a guy from Sarawak. We have been discussing a plan to visit the Julan falls in the interior of Sarawak. This has been a dream of me for quite a few years. Hopefully we can realise this trip to the most spectacular waterfall of Malaysia next year!

Saturday I revisited Batangsi. Batangsi, you may ask? Yes, that is another story. Click here for details.
A group of waterfall fans had visited the location and a local had told them about a larger waterfall, which could be reached by a three-hour river trek.
They invited me to join them for a recce, and of course I could not resist the temptation..:-)
So, Saturday morning, at the ungodly hour of 5:45 am they picked me up.
After a hearty breakfast, we started the trek at 9 am.
It was a tough expedition, a succession of rapids and cascades, and steep river banks. Big fun, but very slow going.
When we did not find any real waterfall after more than three hours trekking, we gave up. Maybe we must try another time, with a local guide.
Back home at 7 pm, dead tired...:-)

For the Sunday I had planned a trip with my friends Rani and Richard to the Lepok fall in Ulu Langat. A long trek again, so I started with mixed feelings. It was a pleasant surprise to find that I was fit enough to enjoy the trip!
We had a guest, Eric, and he did very well too.
To celebrate the successful adventure, he invited us for beer in the Royal Selangor Club. We were shy at first, because of our sporty outfit, but that was no problem at all.
A nice ending of an extraordinary weekend!

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, that's why it's called the Present

Dinner with friends

The Julan Falls

Start of the Batangsi trek

The Batangsi river


More cascades

Not a simple trek

Waterfall or cascade?

Big fungus!

With the help of a friend

Never ending rapids

Mini-waterfall in tributary


We give up..:-)

Going back

Almost back....
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Start of Lepok trek


Beautiful tualang tree

Nest of millipedes
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Forest giant

Beautiful flowers

Taking pictures


The abandoned reservoir

Impressive canyon

Lepok waterfall

Perfect massage shower

Upper part of the waterfall


Curious visitor

Queens of the night

On our way back

The Royal Selangor Club

The Sports Bar

Time for beer

Or coffee..:-)

Business talk

Good food too!
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wrote on Sep 16, 2008:
Jan, when r u coming to Sarawak again?

Dan wrote on Sep 16, 2008:
oh boy ... that's so unreal ..

wrote on Sep 17, 2008:
oh my god........ Jan are u trying to tempt me?????? EEEEEEE.... cannot stand ler..... WHEN CAN I GO????

wrote on Sep 17, 2008:
its either that is the cutest little waterfall or you were strangely turned into a giant while walking in the jungle.. ;P

wrote on Sep 17, 2008:
we can name this Aurelius fall... :)
I don't mind... :)

wrote on Sep 17, 2008:
Thanks Jan, for joining us...
All of us really had a great time trekking with you...
Hope to see u again...

Liz wrote on Oct 4, 2008:
looks like a feeding orgy !

Liz wrote on Oct 4, 2008:
Saraca ?

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 4, 2008:
Thanks for the ID

Liz wrote on Oct 4, 2008:
Pizza in the spotted dog ?!!

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