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Back in Malaysia, 26-10-2008
A few days ago I came back to my 2nd home, and of course I was craving for waterfalls and jungle after a month-long abstinence.
Luckily my friend Rani was eager to join me for a day trip.

We decided to visit Lata Kinjang an Lata Yuk. Lata Kinjang is probably the most famous waterfall of Malaysia, because of its prominent location beside the N-S highway.
Nearby Lata Yuk, however, is virtually unknown. I had visited this little brother of Kinjang three years ago, late in the afternoon. No time to explore the upper levels, so that was our target for this trip.

We arrived around 10:30 am, the first visitors had arrived already on this Deepavali weekend. First we had a quick look at Kinjang. It had been raining a lot last month, so the water flow was quite spectacular.

To reach Lata Yuk, you have to start from the stalls, where a small road leads to an Orang Asli village. From here we followed a clear trail, crossing the river two times and reaching the lower Yuk fall after a few hundred meters.

Here it was quiet, with only a group of Orang Asli children, fishing and playing. One boy even dared to slide down the waterfall, and apparently came out unharmed..;-)

They told us that there were more falls upstream, so we started trekking, following a trail along a water pipe. It took us to the upper falls and a derelict water catchment reservoir. After our lunch here, we walked back and halfway, where the sound of water was very loud, we scrambled down the very steep slope down to the river. Here we found the main cascade, not as big as Kinjang's, but still impressive. Probably there is a better trail at the other side of the river.

Next we hiked up the slopes to the top of Kinjang. It is easy to get lost in these old rubber plantations, so my old GPS-data were very useful. The view from the top of the cascade is spectacular, with the highway far below.

We took a nice bath and shower at the top waterfall. There was nobody else, even on this busy Sunday. The reason became clear when we tried to find our way down. No clear trail, a steep scramble until we reached the hanging bridge. This bridge was closed for maintenance but of course we trespassed as real Malaysians do..:-)

From the bridge, concrete steps took us down in a few minutes to the crowd. In one of the stalls we had another (late) lunch, before we went back to KL.

What a perfect day. Malaysia, I am back!

GPS data projected on GE

Lower Kinjang fall

Big Deepavali crowd

In the Orang Asli village
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Lower Yuk fall

Young Orang Asli boys, fishing

Daredevil, after sliding down

Water fun

Upper Yuk fall

Top tier

On top of the reservoir dam

Another part of the Upper Yuk

The main cascade

Powerful flow of water

Looking down the cascade

At the top of Kinjang

Deep down the highway

The top fall, not visible from the highway


Massage shower

Almost too strong

In my element!

View from the hanging bridge

View downstream

The main cascade

Detail, try to find the bridge
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The crowd, enjoying themselves

What a nice way to spend the day
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wrote on Oct 27, 2008:
Welcome back : >

Haven't been very active with waterfall hunting. Was in Taiping recently, saw a tall waterfall around Maxwell Hill entrance area. Any ideas on access?

Thanks in advance!

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 27, 2008:
Thanks..:-) Do you mean the fall that is visible from the water treatment plant, at the bottom of Maxwell Hill. That would be the Maxwell Hill fall. Access is easy see

wrote on Oct 27, 2008:
Yes, that's the one... Hmm. Not sure if it's worth the 4 hours drive to Taiping! (But food is cheap n good)

I must surf the waterfallsofmalaysia site again to find my next stakeout. Thanks!

Dan wrote on Oct 27, 2008:
Selamat kembali ke Malaysia...

wrote on Oct 27, 2008:
looks like the orang asli must have their traditional abode even if they are provided (?) with modern housing. /stephen

wrote on Oct 27, 2008:
Indeed, enjoyment of nature is the purest form of enjoyment! I wish I had engaged in this kind of exploration when I was young enough to do it.

Liz wrote on Oct 28, 2008:
Beautiful way to overcome the jetlag :-)

lightlingmk2 wrote on Oct 28, 2008:
spectacular view of falls. this is the best I have seen so far.

wrote on Oct 28, 2008:
wow... wht a view........

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