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Adventure around the corner 25-9-2009
My Perdana View condo has a beautiful view of the Bukit Lanjan hill from the balcony. The hill is under development by Mustapha Kamal's MK Land. He is living himself in a palatial bungalow on the top of the hill, while the Temuan Orang Asli, originally living there, have been relocated to a new village.

A road leads up the hill from my condo to a new phase in the project, named Rafflesia (sic!). It is officially closed to the public, but I have seen people coming out after jogging.

So Henry and I decide to explore the hill.
The first part makes you feel sad, so much destruction. The road ends at the Paradesa Tropica condo, to the left there is a desert landscape, but to the right a trail leads into the jungle.

And soon we see a shelter with young orang asli boys. And we smell durian. How can that be, in this time of the year?

YES, there are durians, quite many. We continue our hike, pass several huts, Henry is a good citizen, emptying many cans and buckets, full with water and larvae. Then we come to an Orang Asli house with a friendly family.
And they have durians! Of course we must try them. They open two for us, not bad, kampung durian.

We go on, find a few unripe durians, the trail peters out, we manage to scramble up to the fence around the towers. A parang would have come in handy...:-)

Nice views of KL. From the towers a tar road goes down to Mr MK's empire. We cause a lot of commotion, but manage to pass the official gate without being arrested...haha. Soon we find a trail back into the jungle and down to the Damansara Perdana road.

What a nice and unexpected adventure. must go back to find out more about those durians! Thanks, Henry!

View from my balcony

The two telcom towers

The new Temuan village

The Paradesa Tropica condo


A few Orang Asli. This was their land

But there is still jungle

Guarding the durians

Making tea

Almost an Orang Asli

And a pseudo one

Breeding places for mosquitos

Old rubber plantation

An intrepid explorer

Durians !!!

Drinking water

An Orang Asli house

Friendly people

Live is not so bad

Pretty girl

Opening a durian

Not easy

Nice kampung durian


Only one man present

One for the album

We found one ourselves

Brute force

But not ripe...:-(

Tree orchids

We reach the towers

The tallest one

View of KL

Twin towers and Telecom tower

The second tower

Part of Mustapha's empire

We got out without problems

Back to the jungle

So many durians!

Perdana View, from the jungle

A well-deserved rest

Our trip, with old GE image!

The Rafflesia development, new GE image

wrote on Sep 25, 2009:
oush..ugly !

Liz wrote on Sep 25, 2009:
This is the village below your condo???

Kwai Loh wrote on Sep 26, 2009:
The GE image is from 14-2-2008. The present situation will probably be worse now

Kwai Loh wrote on Sep 26, 2009:
Yes, it is. Some of the Temuan owners rent their new bungalow out and go back to the jungle.

wrote on Sep 26, 2009:
no, i won't say pseudo. remember, the dutch were here long before most of the umnoputeras. /stephen

lightlingmk2 wrote on Sep 26, 2009:
So are the Chinese in Kelantan - 900 year ago ?

wrote on Sep 26, 2009:
Doesn't Henry get bitten by mosquitoes?

Kwai Loh wrote on Sep 26, 2009:
A REAL man doesn't care...:-)

wrote on Sep 28, 2009:
I hate development.......

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