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Taiping, December 2009
Another Taiping visit. As usual full of variety.

First destination was the Tupai river, near Taiping to check if there were any waterfalls. George knew the way. We passed a vast Chinese cemetery and drove until the end of the road, near a few abandoned squatter houses. What a surprise, the Tupai river is not a big one, but it is has eroded imposing rocks during millions of years. A few nice waterfalls, which I had actually seen before, from the Buddhist sanctuary, high above on the slopes! Always wondered how to reach them..:-)

The next day we drove to Selama, where there should be another waterfall, according to my friend Boon Chee, who was born there. And indeed, we found an attractive fall, Tebing Tinggi. A friendly Malay family offered us assam laksa. We followed the river to Sg Bayor, nice cascades, but no waterfalls. We met a group of students, doing research there. Their driver warned us for tigers and sun bears in the region. It was time for our lunch anyway, so we drove back to Selana, where George met an old acquaintance.

On our way back we had time to explore a secondary road, below the Lata Puteh waterfall. We found no new falls here, but had a beautiful view of the imposing Lata Puteh fall.

That evening we were invited by friends Girlie and Yeoh for a delicious dinner.

The next day I joined the Waterfall Survivors on a trip to the Upper Trong fall. Because we took a wrong trail, it became a tough hike with numerous leeches. This waterfall is quite impressive.

Of course a visit of Taiping is not complete without a walk in the Lake Gardens. With my new DSLR camera I could take some acceptable bird pictures.

The Chinese cemetery

Abandoned squatter houses

The Tupai river

Impressive rock formations

Attractive waterfall

A good place for fishing

Another Tupai fall

Rantau Panjang main street

TebingTinggi fall

From a different angle

More cascades upstream

Rubber tree

Family picnic

What a beauty..:-)

More beauties


Quiet spectators

Pretty Malay house

Ranbong river

Beware of tigers!

USM students

Beware of cows!

We had lunch here, in Selama

George with an old acquaintance

Lata Puteh, from far below

Another nice Malay house

Beautiful mosque near Taiping

Dinner with the Yeoh family

After dinner: French cheese

Briefing for the Trong hike

Scary log crossing

He did it!

River crossing

Helping each other

The powerful upper Trong fall

Nick, one of the trip leaders

They have fun

Because of the leeches!

A serious one for the album

And a funny one

The Taiping Lake Gardens

Dejeuner sur l'herbe (almost)

Peaceful doves
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Purple Heron

Oriental Cuckoo(?)
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Flameback woodpecker


Lucky shot

Dusky Leaf Monkey

Lotus flower

Lotus seed pod

Beautiful flower

Frangipani flowers

Crooked bridge

Another bridge

geetee wrote on Dec 15, 2009:
Great pics again as usual, Jan

Liz wrote on Dec 17, 2009:

Liz wrote on Dec 17, 2009:
Funny they are all turning their backs on each other!!

wrote on Dec 20, 2009:
Jan, had good Taiping's day. Taiping under ur snapshot become so beautiful well done,Jan!

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