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Unknown Chiling 16-1-2010
On my website Waterfalls of Malaysia the Chiling falls attract the most (virtual) visitors.
And also in real numbers the falls rank very high, on weekends it is no exception that there are more than 100 visitors!

When I visited the falls many years ago, there was only a vague trail and we had to find out for ourselves where to cross the river. Now the site has been declared a fish sanctuary, there is a ranger station, the crossings have been marked, and the trail is like a highway...:-).

Most people stop at the main fall, only a few climb up the steep slope just before the last river crossing to the second fall, which actually is more beautiful.

And there is another waterfall upstream, not easy to reach, found by my friends some time ago. Of course I wanted to have a look myself.

It was no problem to find this upper fall, as my friend Joe had cleared the trail a few days earlier. Beautiful pitcher plants along the trail. To reach the fall a steep scramble down is needed. Because Joe was planning to visit this fall again with her Waterfall Survivors, we took some time to find an easier way down, still steep, so we left a few fixed ropes for her as well.

The fall is beautiful with a huge pool. Crossing over to the other side is a bit scary because of the strong current.

Altogether, Chiling is the most spectacular waterfall trip you can make in Selangor, so it was an obvious choice when Jungle Mike came over from Sarawak and would like to visit a waterfall. A few friends joined, so I really felt like a tour guide..:-) Bringing ropes, parang, just in case...

But no problem, the water level was low, and the crossings easy. After about two hours we reached the upper fall. Crossing the stream to the other side, I had a close encounter with a snake. A cobra according to my friends. Luckily I was able to "jump" back to the rocks before it could attack. A scary experience.

After having our lunch there, we went back to the second fall. The trail passes the impressive vertical plunge which forms the upper part of the main fall. The big pool in front of the second fall is perfect for swimming and relaxing, and we were the only ones, while down at the main fall there was a crowd.

Finally we had a look at the main fall, before trekking back to our cars.
Yes, this is the most rewarding waterfall trip you can make near KL.

The ranger station

Beautiful orchid along the trail

Nepenthes ampullaria

The upper Chiling fall

Keong helping Meun to cross

Upper fall with huge pool

My personal marker

Top of the upper fall

The scramble down starts here

Interesting spider
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My close encounter with a snake

Arrow points at where I met the snake

Upper fall

Jungle Mike in action

View of the main fall, upper part

A vertical plunge

The second Chiling fall

Winda and Nurul in action

Mysterious pipe hanging down

General view of the second fall

Mike at the top of the plunge

Hon pointing at the first fall

Main Chiling fall

wrote on Jan 17, 2010:
Interesting. Thanks for the tip, must go back to nature some time soon : >

Dan wrote on Jan 17, 2010:
now known ... :P .. nice place..

wrote on Jan 17, 2010:
That looks positively venomous.

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 18, 2010:
Still waiting for confirmation by my herpetologist friend, but after searching the Internet, I am pretty sure that it was an Equatorial Spitting Cobra (Naja sumatrana)

Liz wrote on Jan 18, 2010:
Luckily you to catch that on your camera!

wrote on Jan 21, 2010:
Looks like a Equatorial Spitting Cobra, Once trod on one, many years ago, lucky for me it was just after dawn, and it had not woken up yet. so I was quicker than he or she. but does deserve lots of respect,

wrote on Feb 1, 2010:
thats the Curved Spiny Spider @ Gasteracantha arcuata, featured in the Philately Issue 'Arachnid' late last year :)

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