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Kg Semoi and Lata Kenip 2010
A few months ago I have visited my friend Rahim's kampung Semoi with Joe Yap and her Waterfall Survivors.
Our target that time was to reach the upper Kenip fall, but we had to stop at the lower fall because it started to rain heavily.

After this trip Joe started to collect clothes and food for this kampung Semoi with her WS group, so the plan was to go again. Unfortunately Joe could not go herself, so Keong and I went as her "ambassadors" together with Rahim who had just returned from abroad.

We stopped in Raub for lunch and to buy food for the evening dinner. After our arrival in the kampung we distributed part of the goodies and enjoyed a lazy afternoon, having a talk with the Tok Batin (the village chief), taking a bath in the Jelai river and arranging a guide for our trek to the Kenip fall, the next morning.

We had brought our camping equipment, but as I already expected, we could stay in the house of Rahman, Rahim's twin brother. After a nice dinner and a bottle of Thai Song it was no problem to have a nice sleep.

The next morning we left for the Kenip falls. First we visited Rahim's old school at Pos Betau, where we managed to buy lunch in the canteen. Nasi lemak for RM 1.20 !

From the main road we first had to follow a logging road for about 11 km to a new kampung where we distributed the rest of Joe's goodies. The weather was perfect, so this time it was no problem to reach the upper fall, which actually was a bit disappointing. But the trek was nice, pristine surroundings and Pak Dollah, our guide, knew a lot about plants etc. He showed us the Ipoh tree, the sap of which is used for the poison darts used in blowpipes. Blowpipes are still used, mainly to shoot small rodents, monkeys, and.... hornbills!

We went back to the more interesting lower fall, where we had our lunch. Then back to the kampung where we were offered a second lunch which we could not refuse...:-) Hill padi, different taste from normal rice.

Even more than in Rahim's kamping we were of course the center of attraction. Several small kids started crying spontaneously when they saw me!
While we were having our lunch, I counted about 30 people, mostly kids, surrounding us...:-)

I am very interested to buy a blowpipe here, so I will be back in the future!

A * added to a caption, means extra text.

Lunch in Raub

Buying chicken ...

and vegetables

Arrival in Kg Semoi



Rahman's house

One of the many village kids

Meeting the Tok Batin

Haunted house being demolished *

Taking a bath *

The house of our guide

A proud father and his son

A mother with her kids

MANY kids...:-)

Keong showing the pictures

The school of Pos Betau

We bough nasi lemak for RM 1.20!

Rahim with his former teacher

On our way to the waterfalls

A very scary bridge

We arrive in the kampung
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Distribution of the goodies

Very traditional village

The trail passes hill padi fields

Rice drying in the sun

Interesting bamboo

Used to make blowpipes

The Ipoh tree

The sap is very poisonous

A porcupine, caught in a trap

Almost near the upper Kenip fall

Upper Kenip fall

Not really spectacular

Comparing parangs

The Lower Kenip fall

More interesting

Back in the kampung

Curious kids

Sacks with rice

Of course we have to try

A beautiful blowpipe

Keong in action again

I counted 30 people in the hut

wrote on Feb 6, 2010:
Looks very "anthropological" -- if there's such a word.

wrote on Feb 6, 2010:
A very eventful trip. As a Raubian, I would suggest you stop by and taste the Raub Curry Chicken in your next trip.

wrote on Feb 6, 2010:
nice place to visit.

wrote on Feb 8, 2010:
what a big bowl of rice! what's the dish on the right?

Kwai Loh wrote on Feb 9, 2010:
According to Keong it is Buah Kundur. And we had only a little bit of the rice. Hill rice, different taste

Liz wrote on Feb 11, 2010:
Buah Kundur.- wax gourd

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