First ‘party’ in our penthouse

In December 2021 we moved to our new penthouse. It took us more time than expected to do the renovation and furnish it according to our (mainly Aric’s) taste πŸ˜‰ . Recently we have started to receive guests..

Our first guests, in November, just for a drink, my Gang of Four.

In December a real dinner, prepared by Aric, for a group of friends.

And in January we invited Aric’s family for a drink at home after a dinner with them in a nearby restaurant.

After all this went well, Aric wanted to invite his family and relatives for a CNY gathering. About 25-30 people, in Chinese style where everybody brings a dish for dinner . Actually in the US this is called a Dutch Party πŸ˜‰ We didn’t expect the party to be noisy, but Aric decided to “warn” our neighbors anyway, by putting a friendly note on their doors.

His sister Aei Ling arrived early to help with the preparations.

It had been raining heavily, after it stopped Aric had to put back a Chinese decoration that had fallen down.

Around 6 pm the first guests arrived.

The younger generation

And the older one, enjoying a glass of Malaysian Timah whisky

Many of the ladies were helping to prepare the dinner. I just provided drinks.

Our huge dinner table was very useful now, Here the ladies are putting everything on the table.

Dinner is ready! A delicious variety of food. Aric is inspecting.

He had himself also prepared various dishes, durian cake and blueberry cheesecake, but I took only a photo of one of his signature dishes: abalone.

Time for dinner. There was enough to satisfy everybody.

After dinner there was time for chit chat and watching TV.

The kids were playing cards in Aric’s office.

And the seniors were having a chat in the garden

Before leaving of course the traditional group photo had to be taken. . Here there are two, they look the same, spot the difference πŸ˜‰

It was a very successful CNY gathering.

3 thoughts on “First ‘party’ in our penthouse

  1. Ah. Wow. What a wonderful
    Thing to be able to welcome all of Arics family
    To your β€œnew” house.
    You must be very proud , and rightly so , !
    You have both put so much hard work into the
    Amazing renovation , and so good to see you
    Enjoying the fruits of your labour

    Thanks for all the wonderfull photographs
    Of all those happy ppl.

  2. Congrats Jan and Aric. The Chinese believe that a home can only receive true warmth from visits by many friends and kin. This CNY gathering has truly brought a lot of warmth to your already cosy abode.

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