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I almost stepped on this python!
wrote on Feb 18, 2010:
Oh my, he's huge! Look at his eyes.

wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
huge all right! and a beaut! how many handbags would you be able to get out of him or her? ;)
how far away were you when you took this picture? /stephen

Liz wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
Hope you didn't have him for lunch.

Kwai Loh wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
Picture has been cropped. It was taken from about 1 meter distance.

Kwai Loh wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
We were happy that he did not have US for lunch!

wrote on Feb 20, 2010:
Ha ha. Yes, he looks a little bit hungry. Actually if you look at him long enough, he's really rather cute. Beautiful skin.

wrote on Mar 2, 2010:
Now you are beginning to see snakes.

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