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Thailand (Krabi & Khao Sok) 2008
After so many enthusiastic stories by the Kiara bunch, Aric and I could not resist the temptation to visit Krabi ourselves.

On Tuesday Nov 11, we left LCCT in an almost empty Air Asia plane to arrive at Krabi airport 15 minutes later. Ok, there was also one hour time difference...:-). We found (basic) accommodation in the Chan Cha Lay hotel for only 250 Baht, and after lunch went out immediately to visit Wat Tham Seua, the Tiger Cave temple, a few km north of Krabi. The temple itself is not particularly interesting, but you can climb up 1272 steps to the top of the limestone cliffs (we skipped that one) or, less strenuously, visit the dell, where monks are living in caves and basic huts. Very peaceful.

For our dinner we went of course to the Night Market. Lots of food, but when we saw a stall with many locals, where they were barbecuing fish in a salt crust, it was an easy choice. Later we explored the town, it was the night before Loy Krathong and there was a big fun fair in Krabi's mainstreet.

The next day we took a boat to Railay beach, where we stayed two days in the bungalow of Marcia, a friend of my friend Richard. A beautiful bungalow and a perfect hostess. After lunch she showed us that there is more to do at Railay than sunbathing. First we tried to visit the Princess Lagoon. A steep climb is followed by an even steeper descent. We could already see the water of the lagoon, but the last part was so steep, muddy and slippery, that we gave up.

After visiting the Phra Nang cave with its many penises, Marcia suggested that there was time enough to explore the Hollow Mountain. This limestone outcrop between Phra Nang and West Railay is literally hollow, you enter it from Phra Nang and climb up through tunnels and caves to the Hole, from where you can look down on West Railay. A spectacular adventure. At the Hole climbers were rappelling down, we had to go back the same way.

It was Loy Krathong that evening, we celebrated it on the beach.

Thursday we did the traditional island cruise. We visited Poda island, where we had lunch, in the afternoon we had a look at Chicken island and Tup island where we did some snorkeling. The corals had been severely damaged by the tsunami, but scuba diver Aric managed to find a few nice spots...:-)

On Friday we said goodbye to our hostess and traveled to the Khao Sok National Park, about 100 km north of Krabi. Our friend Richard is co-owner of "Our Junglehouse", a resort near park HQ. We had heard so many stories about the Tree House nr 1, and what a wondeful place it was! Gives you the real jungle feeling, we saw a scorpion and a snake on the path of our house to the restaurant. Nice food, hospitable atmosphere.

The Khao Sok park has many waterfalls and we decided to be kiasu and go for the biggest and most remote one, the Ton Kloi fall. We walked a total distance of 20 km! On the way back I was so tired and sweaty that I plunged into the river without thinking, and lost my glasses. And I hurt my leg, falling in a hole. But as you can see, still smiling...:-)

On Sunday Nov 16 we came back to Malaysia.

It was a memorable trip, action-packed, and worthy of a repeat.

(pics marked with * have been taken by Aric)

The plane was almost empty
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Near Krabi

Our hotel in Krabi

We have arrived

In a songtaew to the Tiger Cave temple

The shrine of Kuan Im

The stairs to the top (1272 steps)

A clear signboard!

Many monks live here

Sometimes still in a cave

Often in a simple hut

Place of worship in the dell

Memento Mori!

Nice flowers

Many caves still remain *

Some scrambling needed

Shrines everywhere

The big tree in the dell *

Cute statue near the main temple

Another statue

Macaque with kid

In the main temple
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We had wifi in our hotel!

The famous Krabi Night Market

Fish grilled in a crust of salt

Having our dinner

Big funfair because of Loy Krathong

Exotic food

A cute Ferris Wheel

Aric's favourite sotong snack

Waiting for the boat to Railay beach

The Krabi jetty

On our way to Railay

Almost there

Landed at East Railay

West Railay, walking to the RBC
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Marcia's bungalow

A hearty welcome

The beautiful living room

The 'trail' to the Hidden Lagoon

Climbing down. CRAZY

We decide to stop

So up again, muddy and slippery *
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Another giant tree

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At Phra Nang beach

The Phra Nang Cave

What to say here?
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View from the beach

Ready for the next adventure

Entering the hollow mountain

Our intrepid guide Marcia

Climbing up

First view

Here the real challenge starts *

This way please

Luckily there are ladders

Actually it is pitch dark here! *

View from the Hole
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Kiasu guy...:-)

Dirty picture

Now it is low tide!

This is the hollow mountain

Pre-dinner drinks *

Dinner, prepared by Aric! *

Work never finished

The krathongs have arrived

On our way to the beach

Beach party *

Lighting the candle not easy *

There they go

Preparing the 'khom loy'

Next morning

Beach view


The hollow mountain again

Phra Nang cave

In the cave

Romantic view

Having a cave bath

Looking upwards

I hit my head in the cave :-(

Arrival at Poda island

Lunch time

Tsunami warning signs

The Buddha rock

Chicken island

Aric feeding the fish

Snorkeling under the rocks

Do I look scared?

The sand bar between islands

We were not the only tourists

Aric found Nemo!


Looks good for dinner!

Farewell dinner with Marcia

Goodbye. Hope to see you again!

Back on the mainland

Clear signboards :-)

Waiting for transport

Our Khao Sok Tree house!

Me on our balcony *

Our bedroom!

View from our balcony

Taking a bath in the Sok river

On our way to a waterfall

Cup funghi

Nice funghi *

The Sok river

Leech check!

Ton Kloi waterfall *

With a big pool

Me on top of the fall *

Another giant tree

Nice foliage

Lost my glasses and hurt...

A nightly visitor
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Klaus, the manager of Our Jungle House

Our farewell dinner

Going home

wrote on Nov 20, 2008:
This is where Boon Chee would like to spend his entire life

wrote on Nov 20, 2008:
Yeah crazy!

wrote on Nov 20, 2008:
Beautiful sight, this one I also got.

wrote on Nov 20, 2008:
Awesome view!!!

wrote on Nov 20, 2008:
But this is not the same hole where the panaoramic view of Rai Ley West was taken?

lightlingmk2 wrote on Nov 20, 2008:
Palamnaeus fulvipes, not insect but belong to the arthropods, is one of about 600 species and the largest. Its poison is fatal but seldom kill. It's easy to detect at night with ultra violet light because the body glow.

Liz wrote on Nov 21, 2008:
Is the life size wax figure of the monk still there?

Liz wrote on Nov 21, 2008:
Shame on you for not climbing the steps. There are great views from the top (as well as the inevitable Buddha's footprint).

wrote on Nov 21, 2008:
Hey, you did that 20 years ago! Would you still do it now..:-)?

Liz wrote on Nov 21, 2008:
I did this in 1988 !

wrote on Nov 21, 2008:
This is the other (Phra Nang) side of the hollow mountain, where you enter the caves. As far as I know you can not reach the hole high up on this side.

Liz wrote on Nov 21, 2008:
Is this Dick's place? I can't remember the limestone cliffs. I stayed in Treetop River Huts.

Liz wrote on Nov 21, 2008:
No, this is a different place from where I stayed.

wrote on Nov 21, 2008:
Different place. These Treetop River Huts are close to the park entrance. Our Jungle House is the most remote location

wrote on Nov 26, 2008:
I am most impressed!!

wrote on Nov 26, 2008:
Why is it not a popular destination, I wonder. It's also the cheapest AirAsia destination over the Chinese New Year period.

wrote on Nov 26, 2008:
I thought at first they were fungi -- ha ha.

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