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Salute to George Album II
George's daughter Su Jin was getting married to Andrew and of course the Gang of Four was invited for the wedding dinner.
We were expected at 7 pm sharp, which in Malaysia means that dinner will start around 8 pm. No problem, time to chat with friends and there was a free flow of wine.

The food was good, the company interesting, there was dancing, George performed a song, what more is there to tell.

One of the most pleasant wedding dinners I have experienced in Malaysia

The menu

Stephen & Henry

Henry & Alice

Looking at the pictures

The couple arrives

Cutting the cake

The bride and her parents

Anna & Stephen

The dinner will start soon

There comes the first course

The starters

The couple with their parents

Free flow of wine

And even stronger stuff

Delicious Sea Bass

Stephen picks his choice

And Gilbert follows

Even Aric drinks wine

No comment

Special Two varieties of Prawn

Andrew managed to open the bottle!

Filling the glasses

The traditional toast

Yam Seng!


A singer

Mr Tan himself!

Peter facing Tina

Boo Cheng with Mr Lim

Boo Cheng now with Mr Onn

George with Lily

The youngest dancer

Not dancing...:-)

The Gang of Four

Jenny & Ah Bee

Henry & ex-neighbour Ah Bee

Jenny and her sister

Jenny & family

Me & beautiful company

Yam Seng

Ben & me

Aric & Yoke Sim

In a good mood!

Aric & Irene

Sisters in law

& one husband


lightlingmk2 wrote on Nov 24, 2008:
I could see you people are really enjoying yourselves.

wrote on Nov 28, 2008:
Who is the lamp post by the way?

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