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Three times Sg Luit
The first time I visited Sg Luit, was in January 2010, with my friend Keong. In 1943 Spencer Chapman had crossed the main range, from Bentong to KKB, following the Repas and Luit rivers. We wanted to find out if there was still a trail and of course I was also looking for new waterfalls..:-)

We found a clear trail and several small waterfalls and cascades. See Following Chapman's footprints for a detailed report. A few months later we did a similar recce from the Bentong side, along the Repas river. Also there we found a trail, but it became clear that a crossing of the main range would be a major expedition.

In December 2010 I went back to Sg Luit, this time with friends who had found several waterfalls further upstream! We started early from Kg Pertak and after a few hours trekking we reached the end of the trail near some cascades with a big pool.
From here we had to do mainly river trekking, big boulders, not always easy, but very exciting. First we passed a very attractive small waterfall, after another half hour later we reached the impressive main Sg Luit waterfall. Huge pool! Pristine!

Back home, combining GPS data with Google Earth, it looked like there could be other waterfalls just around the corner of the main Luit fall (red cross on GE screenshot)

So I decided to go one more time and this time camp overnight as far upstream as possible, because it was too far for a day trip. On July 23 I left from Kg Pertak with Keong, Rani, Vincent, Ben and Jim.
We were both lucky and unlucky.
Lucky because we found that from the lubuk a new trail had been created to the main fall. No idea by whom. So no cumbersome river trekking needed!
Unlucky because a heavy downpour started early that day and we had to set up camp before reaching the main fall.

We found a suitable location near the small waterfall. The terrain was not level enough for tents, so it was good that we were all using hammocks. At the end of the afternoon the rain stopped, so we could have a nice dinner al fresco.

The next morning after breakfast, a few of us continued to the main fall. From there we found a way up the right side. Slippery, scrambling, but it was not far before we arrived at a rocky slope with the next waterfall. Very satisfying experience...:-). This new fall again had a large pool. It was possible to scramble up at the left side. Above this fall there were more cascades and nice pools, before the river split into two streams.

I think that the left stream must have been followed by Chapman. Probably in his days there were still logging roads. We could still see traces of it here and there, but very overgrown. The route probably followed by him, is indicated in red. He had to cross the main range at an altitude of ~ 1200 m!

Crossing Sg Luit

One of the lower Luit falls

The lubuk, end of the trail

River trekking

Not always easy

A nice waterfall

The main Luit fall

Beautiful with an Olympic size pool

Could there be more falls?

Romantic campsite

Near the small fall

Keong went fishing

And caught fish

Preparing dinner

And enjoying it

Time for ghost stories!

The main fall again with my marker

The new fall

Rani and Jim on top of the fall

Chapman's probable route

wrote on Aug 1, 2011:
Nice Jan! Congrats! :)

wrote on Aug 1, 2011:
Jan, i love what you're doing! i have been following your emails and your adventures online, but hope someday to join u in your expeditions! keep up the good work!

wrote on Aug 1, 2011:
great Jan! hope can join ur xpdc in the future...

wrote on Aug 1, 2011:
It is not an easy trail done by Chapman.

wrote on Aug 2, 2011:
nice fall! Next to chilling yea?

lightlingmk2 wrote on Aug 2, 2011:
Have to camp over night ? You make many of your age fainted.

wrote on Aug 2, 2011:
wonderful + beautiful ^^

wrote on Aug 2, 2011:
Is this fall save enoug to swim

Kwai Loh wrote on Aug 2, 2011:
yes, no turbulence

wrote on Aug 2, 2011:
I will visit this fall...

wrote on Aug 7, 2011:
Hi Jan, I never go in that deep, always picnic
near the orang asli hut after the first iron bridge. Had went till the 2nd stream crossing before. Will glad to join you to see that waterfall. Pls inform me if you decided to go in again.

wrote on Aug 7, 2011:
Woof, wanna join us? Heheh!

wrote on Sep 22, 2011:
I was looking through a friend's Facebook album and came across a pic of the same waterfall! It was titled "Lata Makau" (no idea how that came about). Their trip was on 21 Aug 2011 (day trip) ... about a month after your trip. There are also some pics of the smaller waterfalls that you encountered as well.

The trip was guided by Eddie Yap, of whom I understand to be quite a well known nature and trail guide in Klang Valley at least. Could it be that the new trail that you used was cleared by Eddie and friends during their earlier recce trip? I'm just speculating :)

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 18, 2011:
Eddie has told me that the "new" part of the trail has been created by a group of KKB scramblers. He is the expert for the waterfalls in the KKB region and the name of the main fall may well be Lata Macau.

Cylim86 wrote on Feb 21, 2013:
Hi There, is this trail challenging? or it's relatively easy but just long hour trek? we're planning on a trek + camp trip. ideally how many hours for non frequent hikers? Thanks

Kwai Loh wrote on Feb 21, 2013:
Hi, The trail is relatively easy because it basically follows the river, so no steep gradients. I would say that you need 2-3 hours one way.

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