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Spending my time in Malaysia, November 2011
Dutch friends sometimes ask me, how do your spend your time in Malaysia, your second home?

Here is an answer, for the month of November. As usual a mix of nature, culture and social activities.

In chronological order

4-11 Lunch with several of my Kiara friends in Ulu Yam. It is my (almost) daily routine to have a morning walk in Bukit Kiara with them, after which we adjourn to IKEA for breakfast and (free) coffee. Sometimes we extend our meeting to lunch, as we are all fond of good (and preferably cheap) food.

5-11 A visit of Sabak Bernam, Aric's hometown, to celebrate the birthday of his father.

9-11 Dinner at home with our friends Pat and Wim. Fusion food prepared by Aric

12-11 Of course a waterfall visit every now and them! This time to Jeram Enggang and the Tiga Lapis fall, near Jelebu, with Rani and Grant.

16-11 In IKEA, George and Mary visit us to show their grandchild Darius.

17-11 A trip with Liz Price, to a cave near Ipoh, the Gua Kanthan. Home of a trapdoor spider, that can only be found in this cave.

19-11 Meeting new friends at home, Aisha and Timo, before going out to have dinner in our favourite seafood restaurant

20-11 Our American friend Marcia is in KL to attend a seminar. She was our host a few years ago in Krabi, now we can show her around. We visit the Gabai waterfall and have dinner with her in a restaurant at the Lookout Point

24-11 View from our livingroom. One year ago this was the beautiful, forested slope of Bukit Lanjan, now it has been destroyed by a greedy developer. Click here for more pictures.

(28-30)-11 Visit of Taiping. My "second hometown"...:-) We visit an interesting, very old, Chinese temple in Kamunting, the archeological museum in Lenggong and the Ibrahim fort in Matang. Of course we have also a look at a waterfall and we meet friends. As I said, culture, nature and social.

Lunch with my gang in Ulu Yam

Celebrating the birthday of Aric's father

Dinner with Pat and Wim

On our way to Jeram Enggang

Jeram Enggang

Tiga Lapis waterfall

Our hangout spot in IKEA

Mary and George showing their grandchild

With godfather Henry

Gua Kanthan, near Ipoh

A Chinese cave temple

Many gods

Liz at the cave entrance

The nickname of the cave is Cathedral Cave

There is a river to the right. Scary

In the main chamber

Beautiful formations

The local trapdoor spider

The spider is hidden inside

Near the cave an egret colony

Monitor lizard crossing the road

Also here landscape destruction

Double rainbow on our way back

Dutch friends visiting us

Aric and Marcia at Gabai

Dinner at the Lookout Point

View from our livingroom
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Lots of erosion of course

Slope destruction

The Sam Wong Yeh temple in Kamunting


The three Emperors

The traditional Drum and Gong

Beautiful woodcarvings

Guardian dragon

Our guide Rodney

This god will give kids nightmares

Decorative tortoise

Beautiful inscriptions

The bench used by Loke Yew as a bed

The Lake gardens, Taiping

Always beautiful

Visiting Aziz and Asiyah in Suka Suka

Jenny with the bridge across Lake Cenderoh

The Archelogical Museum of Lenggong

Inside the museum

The Ikan Bakar restaurant at Tasik Raban

Grilled fish is the specialty

Tebing Tinggi fall during a downpour

Fort Ibrahim at Matang

The discovery of tin

The trial of the Birch murderers

The bungalow of Captain Speedy

geetee wrote on Dec 7, 2011: should do a pictorial diary like this every month in addition to your occasional more in-depth reports of particular events, As usual...nice pics and a nutshell

Dan wrote on Dec 7, 2011:
:) I see total freedom ..... nice.

wrote on Dec 8, 2011:
Jan, I thought I knew enough of my hometown but you gave me so many new glimpses!! Gosh, all your pics are so beautifully taken and make such a delightful viewing as well as interesting reading. Thanks for all the sharing. Really appreciate your effort and precious time in putting all these together.

Kwai Loh wrote on Dec 9, 2011:
Hi May, thanks for your compliments..:-) Let's try to meet during my next Taiping visit.

wrote on Dec 11, 2011:
Jan, yes, you must visit me the next time you are in Taiping. Maybe can organize a tour for you up Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary if you have not yet been up there.
Hi Liz, I'm not sure your reply was to Jan or me?

Liz wrote on Dec 11, 2011:
Is this real? Didn't know it was SO close to you.

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