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Trip to Kedah and Penang, February 2012
Last year a visitor of my Waterfalls of Malaysia website wrote to me with information about a waterfall in Kedah, Lata Hujan Lebat. He was willing to guide me there.

As it would be a long haul from KL, we decided to make it a 3D2N trip and combine the waterfall with a visit to friends in Georgetown.

After lunch in Lenggong, we arrived late afternoon at Lake Beris, north of Sik. Here we had booked a chalet in the D'Puncak Lake Resort. A very basic chalet, a bathroom without a washbasin, and when we asked for towels, the answer was, sorry, we don't supply towels! And that for RM 80, really overpriced. There was a restaurant, but we decided to go back to Sik to buy a towel and have dinner there. The small town was lively because of a busy pasar malam.

The next morning we met Henry Chan and his wife, who had started early from Kulim where they live. In less than half an hour we reached a signboard for Lata Hujan Lebat. Strange, this signboard pointed to the jungle, no road or trail. But very close to the signboard there was a side road! We tried that one, after a few hundred meter the tar road ended, so we parked our cars and started walking. In about half an hour we reached the first waterfall. In the past some development has taken place, but now only a few locals will visit the fall. Our "guides" were satisfied already, and took a bath, but of course I had to explore further..:-). A small trail followed the river and after a few hundred meter I reached the main fall. Not a lot of water, but nice.

On the way back I almost stepped on a scorpion!
Aric had found out that there was a vineyard nearby, the only one in Malaysia, and of course we had to visit it. A pity that picking was not allowed.

For lunch Henry and his wife invited us to a fish restaurant near Kulim, where we had nice patin and tilapia.
After thanking them for their hospitality, we drove on to hotel Mingood. After a rest we went out again to visit our friends Penny and Brian, who live in a beautiful restored, 150 year old townhouse in the heritage part of the town. I should have taken pictures, but I was shy...:-) They were happy to show us their "museum", and we invited them for dinner in a nearby foodcourt.

THe next day we visited the flea market at Lorong Kulit (very disappointing) and tried to have the best laksa in town (according to my Penang friend Don), but the shop was closed.
What to do?
The Snake Temple!
Never yet been there. I expected a tourist trap, but it was actually quite interesting. Ok, you could have your picture taken with a python around your neck, and I could not resist the temptation...:-)

Finally, on our way back home, we took a detour to Batu Gajah to visit the tin dredge, my favourite "piece of rusty iron" as a friend calls it.
The good news is that they have starting some renovation work, stabilising the pontoons etc. Before it was tilting, now it is floating horizontally.
The bad news is that therefore it is now temporarily closed to the public.

Fortunately I have visited the dredge so many times, that Stephen Ng, the manager, knows me...:-)
He was so friendly to allow us access, so I could show Aric this behemoth.

A rewarding trip.

Lake Beris in Kedah

The D'Puncak Resort

Our chalet

Pasar Malam in Sik

A mosquito "tent"!

Signboard, but no road.

Ready to go

On our way to the falls

Crossing the stream

The first fall


Upstream cascades

The main fall


Crystal clear water

Aric in his jacuzzi

And me in my bathtub

Ready to go back

The beauty....

and the Beast
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Keeping his distance!

The only vineyard in Malaysia

Other wine regions in the world

White grapes


Red grapes

Shall I?
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Shall he?

Dinner near Kulim

Steamed Tilapia

Deep-fried Patin

The Snake temple at Bayan Lepas

In front of the temple

Very decorative snakes

They are Wagler's Pit Vipers

Looking so innocent

But a bite can be lethal

So, don't touch them
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This one doesn't bite, only strangles

Tin dredge closed to the public

We are allowed to enter

The backside of the dredge

Renovation and repair

Front side

Another dredge visitor

Huge tool

The buckets

No longer in use

Imposing machinery

The backside seen from above

Sifting the tin ore

You must not have fear of height

Workers and our friendly hostess

More signs of renovation

No more tilting

lightlingmk2 wrote on Oct 10, 2012:
At last, now it's working. Name Palamnaeus fulvipes. It's not so poisonous as most people think. It is the one with small pichers and fat tail that is dangerous.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Oct 10, 2012:
I have this grown in my garden too. Just started to fruiting - still small. Can come to eat if you are free.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Oct 10, 2012:
I put this around my neck when I was about 25yrs old. The poisonous fangs are at the rear unlike cobra in the front. It is lazy and seldom bite so it quite safe.

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