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Visiting Rahim, March 2012
Many times I have visited my Orang Asli friend Rahim in his kampung Semoi beside the new road from Raub to the Cameron Highlands.
The first time was in 2003, when this road was not yet finished. We camped at the Selai river.

Later I came back to explore a nearby waterfall, the Kenip fall.
There must be many more in this region, so I was not surprised when Rahim told me recently that one of his uncles knew about another one.

To reach the kampung of this uncle we had to follow a winding gravel road along the Jelai river. We were lucky that the weather was good.

The family was already expecting us. This uncle has two wives and they started preparing tea. We had bought provisions for the dinner, and while the food was being prepared, we made a short trip to the end of the road, passing numerous small Orang Asli villages. Where the road ended we visited another relation of Rahim, of course we had tea there as well, and some fruits that I had never seen before..:-). There was even durian.

When we came back to the uncle's house the dinner was ready and after dinner and some talking, we went to sleep. Just on a mat on the bamboo floor. Nice!

The next morning we started walking after breakfast. First we had to cross the Jelai river using an interesting bamboo bridge. On the other side of the river the trail connected to a new logging road, an ominous sign that this beautiful forest is under threat. After the logging road we entered the jungle and crossed twice the Sg Mertar, a tributary of the Jelai river. Our guide knew the way although it was many years ago that he had been here. Of course there were many leeches.

There are two waterfalls in the Mertar river. We first visited the upper one, the Cenrat fall. Going became more difficult, large boulders.
But the waterfall was impressive and worth the effort.

We had lunch here before following the river downstream to the lower fall. That was not always easy, because we had to find a point where we could cross the stream.

The second fall, Lata Pulai is a bit smaller, but also nice, especially for taking a jacuzzi style bath.

Back at the kampung, we had a farewell drink before going back to the hustle and bustle of KL. An ice cream seller needed to cross the river and did that by a bamboo raft. Interesting!

I am sure this is not the last time that I will visit Rahim and his kampung!

The house of Rahim's uncle

A friendly welcome

One of the children

Another one

Rahim and one of his relatives

One of the two wives

Serving the tea

Visiting another relative

Fresh fruits

Even durian!


Wild(?) pineapple

Ready for dinner

The living room

Watching TV

So many kids

Fascinated by my iPad

The Jelai river

Breakfast next morning

Ready to go

Crossing the Jelai river

Looks a bit precarious

A new logging road

Crossing Sg Mertar

Bamboo forest

Leech inspection

Big boulders

Going becomes tougher

The Cenrat fall


Time for lunch

Tasting 100plus first time?

Going downstream

Hm, we have to cross

But where and how?


Lata Pulai

We did it

Nice flowers

Back on the logging road

Back at Jelai

Crossing the river by bamboo raft

Some help needed

Goodbye. See you next time

Our trip. Jelai river in blue, road to CH in brown

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