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Tasik Kenyir, June 2012
For years already I have been thinking about making a trip to Lake Kenyir and visit a few of the waterfalls there.

You can only reach these falls by boat,most people take a package tour in a houseboat, where only one or maybe two waterfalls are included.

A few months ago I met Henry Chan, on a trip to Kedah and Penang. He is an angler and a regular visitor of Tasik Kenyir, has his own 15HP engine and knows where to rent a boat.

He invited me to join him on a waterfall exploration trip to Kenyir. Free and easy, camping overnight, bringing our own food.

We met in Simpang Pulai where I parked my car at a patrol station and put my barang in Henry's car.
It is a long way to the jetty at Pengkalan Gawi, first climbing up to the Cameron Highlands, then down to Gua Musang, from where a potholed road leads to the lake.

We had lunch in Gua Musang, visited an elephant sanctuary and our first waterfall, Sg Buweh, just before reaching Pengkalan Gawi, where we could have camped. But there were many people and we prefered the privacy of a nearby campsite, Lawit.
As we expected rain, we pitched our tents under the roof of a community pondok. That was a good move, because there was a heavy downpour that night, with lightning and thunder.

The next morning we noticed that a tree had fallen down a few meters from our pondok!

After a hearty breakfast we went to the jetty, where the boat owner was waiting for us.
To bring our stuff in the boat, we had to carry everything down a slippery slope.
Unfortunately Henry slipped there, and almost tore his knee ligament.
Although walking was difficult, he could still manage the boat. Pity for him, that he could not explore the waterfalls.

Our first stop was the Saok fall and after that the Herbal Island. From there we continued to the Lasir fall, the most popular spot in the lake. There was supposed to be a campsite there, but it was too far away, and the plankway was broken. So we decided to "camp" in two small pondoks beside the trail.

The next morning, after breakfast, we continued our trip to the Petang ranger office. There are two waterfalls near to this post, but the main attraction is the Kelah sanctuary, where you can take a bath surrounded by numerous fish, who nibble your body. Fortunately they have no teeth..!
Exhilarating experience.

We went on to a remote part of the lake, Pos Mentong. This is actually an entrance of Taman Negara, so you need a permit to come this far.
We visited here a limestone cave, Gua Bewah. There is another cave nearby, Gua Taat, which was submerged now, and only accessible when the water level is lower.

As we had some time left, we explored a few more places and found a small waterfall.

Here we slept just on the main jetty, as there were no other visitors.

The next day we went back to the jetty, and then the long way back to Simpang Pulai.
Altogether we "drove" about 150 km on the lake itself!

The total cost was RM 240 pp. Unbelievable.

A perfect trip, thanks to Henry!

Fuel for the car

Fuel for the boat

Food for ourselves

Chinese shop: You name it, we have it
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Sg Ketiar Elephant Sanctuary

One of the two elephants

I dared to touch them

First view of Lake Kenyir

Several major landslides

Sg Buweh Fall
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Upper part of the fall

Even here logging..:-(

Enjoying my drink

This tree almost hit our pondok

Our campsite pondok

Henry preparing breakfast
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A superb breakfast!

This is our barang

And this our boat

It fits! No problem

Ready to go

Boatman Henry..:-)

Our first stop

The Saok fall

Henry looking for some shade

Saok fall

Upper tier

On our way to the next stop

The Herbal Island

Nicely maintained garden

Beautiful flower

Free herbal tea

View from the island

Lake Kenyir in all its glory

One of the many houseboats

Small waterfall near Lasir

All houseboats visit Lasir

Lasir fall, quite impressive

Me on the suspension bridge

Upper tier of Lasir

View from the top of the fall

A nice millipede

Broken plankway to campsite

Foreign visitors

And local ones

A quiet corner of the lake

Traditional fishingnet

Perfect jacuzzi

Lata Baju

Threatening clouds

A downpour, far away
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Henry's private campsite

And mine

With a perfect waterfalll view

Approaching the Petang fall

Sg Petang fall

The Petang Ranger post

Pos Kawalan Fall

Along the Petang river

Well maintained trail

The Kelah sanctuary
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The Kelah are so tame!

Lots of Kelah!

Taking a kelah dip

You can go deeper
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Big fun
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On my way back

Arrived at remote Pos Mentong

Limestone rocks

Limestone means caves

The Bewah cave

View from the cave entrance

Officially closed, Malaysian style
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Rules and regulations

A small museum

Recent excavations

The actual cave entrance

Inside the cave

Interesting flowstone formations

A cave cricket

The Taat cave
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Jeram Ketapang

Serene atmosphere

Spectacular cloudscape


Camping on the jetty itself

Henry as a perfect cook

On our way back

Pos Mentong, hardly any visitors

Back on the mainland

The falls we visited

The route we have followed

wrote on Jun 9, 2012:
click like

wrote on Jun 9, 2012:
Scay, like jacuzzi ...

wrote on Jun 9, 2012:

Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:
Looks like a junkyard.. lol

Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:

Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:

Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:
do u need permission to camp there?

Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:
Lucky u, u have a personal chef

Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:
it fell the night u were there?

Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:
common in Malaysia... :P

Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:
I like seeing rain falling from the sky far away like this....

Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:
Wow ... interesting. .

Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:
wow !!!!!

Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:

Dan wrote on Jun 10, 2012:
What's the story?

geetee wrote on Jun 10, 2012:
Jan, a real dream trip for you. So many waterfalls..and also interesting places. Lucky for you that Henry was your guide. He looks a really well-organised outdoorsman. Cheers

Kwai Loh wrote on Jun 10, 2012:
Yes, it was a dream come true...:-) Maybe we could rent a houseboat with our gang and make a trip together one of these days.

Liz wrote on Jun 11, 2012:
So they chain them here as well.

Kwai Loh wrote on Jun 11, 2012:
No. It is maintained by the Terengganu state, free access and free of charge!

Kwai Loh wrote on Jun 11, 2012:
Yes. A thundering noise when it hit the roof of the pondok next to ours (visible in the background)

Dan wrote on Jun 11, 2012:
Thank goodness you guys are ok .... very lucky.

Kwai Loh wrote on Jun 11, 2012:
This is the walkway to the Lasir campsite, upstream of the waterfall. We did not even try.

Kwai Loh wrote on Jun 11, 2012:
Archaeological excavations have taken place in 2009. Skeletal remains and artifacts from the Neolithic period have been found. Here is a report.

Dan wrote on Jun 11, 2012:
Interesting ....4000-6000 years ago. The DNA result should be interesting, I'll try to google for it later..

Liz wrote on Jun 11, 2012:
The archaeological digs first started in 1959. The main excavations by UKM was late 1980s. The Star report you linked to is much more recent. Your photo shows the 1980s holes (I took the same photo in 1999!).

Liz wrote on Jun 11, 2012:
Wowwwwwww, the water level is incredibly high. Looking at my photos I would guess it is almost 2m higher than normal.

Kwai Loh wrote on Jun 12, 2012:
These are recent pits. There are two more, surrounded by ornamental fencing, those may be from the 1980 excavations.

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