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Pulau Ketam, 19-6-2012
When our friends Pat and Roger told us that they had never visited Pulau Ketam yet, it was no problem to find a destination for our next trip!

We took the 11am ferry from the Klang jetty and arrived 35 minutes later in the Pulau Ketam village. My first visit to "Crab Island" had been ten years ago, a lot of modernisation has taken place, but it is still a nice place to relax.

Aric had found on the Internet that there was a lodge in a remote part of the village. Quite a long walk, we had to ask a few times for directions, but finally we found the Xin Man Tang lodge. A well-maintained guesthouse, we will come back here with Aric's family soon.

The friendly caretaker told us that we did not have to walk the long way back, as there is a regular boat service to the main jetty!

We had lunch in our favourite restaurant Kia Hiong Haun, in the Main Street. Stong, stingray, pomfret, fishball soup, etc.

Before going back we had another walk in the village. Roger was rather surprised about the rubbish everywhere and the lack of a sewage system. That's normal, said Aric, who comes from a fishing village.

At 4 pm we took the ferry back. Another nice trip

The Pulau Ketam Ferry

Interior of the ferry

Klang Port

Approaching Pulau Ketam

Arriving at low tide, leaving at high tide

Crab Island!

On our way

Colourful boats

One of the streams on the island


Precarious entrance!

Almost abstract art

Juvenile Little Heron

Characteristic Pulau Ketam houses

Harbour view

We found the Lodge.

The lodge

Time for a rest

One of the rooms

A bridge

The jetty for the boat back to the village

Fighting for its life

Hurry, hurry, the boat is arriving

A helping hand

Almost a private tour

There is even a toilet

We had lunch here

Nice food

A few of the dishes

The pomfret was delicious

Local way of transport

The Chinese temple

View inside the temple

Hand made!

Another temple

Nice place for a short rest

What a mess!

Interesting workshop

Traditional wooden walkway

Local shipyard

Remains of a boat

Is this safe?

Time for a coffee

End of a nice trip

The route taken by the ferry
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Our walk in the village

wrote on Jun 21, 2012:
Luv the good food there....

wrote on Jun 23, 2012:
Jan, thanks for sharing and inserting those interesting captions. I've enjoyed the lovely pics.. even the gross toilet. Haha!

wrote on Jun 25, 2012:
Glad you had a nice trip. You don't look too affected by the heat.

Dan wrote on Jul 9, 2012:
Very interesting ... cutting rite thru another island...

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