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Cheah family trip, 21-22 July 2012
During our recent visit of Pulau Ketam we had found a lodge that looked perfect for an overnight stay with a big family. Seven rooms, aircon, TV, kitchen.

The lodge is located quite far from the main village, about half an hour walk, so when Aric booked the lodge for a family trip he also booked a boat directly from the Klang jetty to a small jetty near the lodge.

The boat ride was fun, quite fast with two 200 HP engines. When we arrived it was low tide, so the lodge was surrounded by a muddy plain.

After lunch we explored the surroundings and visited a small farm where they were breeding Chinese geese. Aric's father tried to buy one, but they were not for sale..:-(

Included in the rental were bicycles, so we went to town for a drink. We had to cross several steep bridges, going down is easy, but climbing up not!

When we came back end of the afternoon, the tide was coming in, the village is looking a lot prettier then.This part of Pulau Ketam is called Taman Teochew, Aric's dialect, there were even several Cheah families there, so it was no wonder that the contact with the local population was easy and friendly.

We had planned to take the local ferry to the village for our dinner, but we were too late for the boat and had to walk. As most tourists had gone back already, the walk was actually very nice.

Even many restaurants are closed for dinner, but we found a nice one that was still open.

After visiting the Chinese temple in the village, we walked(!) back again to the lodge, where Aric started to prepare the BBQ for supper. Makan Non Stop...:-)

Heavy rain during the night, but the morning was beautiful. After breakfast with food bought in a nearby restaurant, it was time already to leave, again with the speedboat.

Altogether a very nice trip

Warning: when you look at the pictures, you could get the impression that Pulau Ketam is a a clean village without rubbish. Big mistake, there is rubbish everywhere and it is only by taking pictures very selectively that it looks so nice and clean!

Klang harbour

On our way to board


Ready to go

On our way

Is my hair ok?

His hair is no problem!

Left side

Right side

We have arrived

With the help of many hands

Our boat going back

Walking to the lodge

Here we are

Young and old relaxing

A mother has never rest

Lunch is ready

The living room

Everyhting went well. Happy face

Time to relax

Let's explore the place

Remains of boats

Not much is left

The ubiquitous bird's nest farms
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A Chinese goose nursery

Big birds

But handsome...?

A male crab

And its female counterpart

A mudskipper

Private talk of mother and son

Meeting a local
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Bike rental was included

We go to town!

On our way

Steep bridges

Having a drink in the village

This is the common way of transport

Chicken feet. Decoration or food?

Exploring the village

The village

On our way back

Taking a rest

Becoming kids again

The lady is local and 83 years old
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Ong with his son

Our lodge

Many bridges

Isn't it beautiful?

Going to town for dinner

Many colorful houses
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Fishermen at work

It is high tide now

The main street of Pulau Ketam

Waiting for our dinner

Fish ball soup & stingray curry

More dishes
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Playing modern games

Or traditional ones

I helped them to open wine bottles

One of the Chinese temples

A young devotee

Still playing games

Back in our temporary home

Aric's younger sister

Mother and son

Aric's parents and me

Aric as BBQ expert


The result
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BBQ beginners

The next morning

Everything on stilts

Beautiful houses

Another one

One of the bedrooms in the lodge

The kitchen

A nice place to chit-chat

Ladies at work

Breakfast is ready

A morning toast!

Aric's older sister

The old lady telling about her past
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Cultivated plant

And a wild mangrove one

Beautiful butterfly

A little heron in punk mode

Time to go back already

Boarding not so easy

Helping the young one

And the old one

On our way back

Isn't he cute?

Passing the village

Built on stilts. Indeed!

Arriving in Klang

End of a very nice trip

Dan wrote on Jul 25, 2012:
oo ... even on stilts ....

Dan wrote on Jul 25, 2012:
teow chew conversation ...

Dan wrote on Jul 25, 2012:
the last few who still wears dress that like ...

wrote on Jul 25, 2012:
Beautiful i must say

Dan wrote on Jul 25, 2012:
teow chew style steamed fish ...

Dan wrote on Jul 25, 2012:
.. I wanna listen to her stories too..

wrote on Jul 26, 2012:
What a great family day guys... glad you enjoyed it! Wish we were there to take part you all look so friendly.

wrote on Jul 26, 2012:
Yes to much CRAB!!!! But good to see you healthy eh!

chengwc wrote on Jul 26, 2012:
He seems to put on some weigh is it?

lightlingmk2 wrote on Jul 26, 2012:
Dehydration to cook better, I suppose.

Kwai Loh wrote on Jul 26, 2012:
Hi KCLiew, actually I was counting on you to id the butterfly in this album!

chengwc wrote on Jul 26, 2012:
Wow... looks so good :)

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