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Waterfalls (10-12)-8-2012
Five weeks ago, during a waterfall hike in the Ulu Langat region, I was hit on my head by a piece of falling rock. See Waterfall Adventure for a report.
When I went to the clinic one week later to have the stitches removed,I was advised to go to the hospital for an X-ray.
The X-ray followed by a CT-scan showed that I had a small fracture in my skull. The doctor told me that it would close itself in a couple of weeks, and that I should keep quiet until the wound was healed.

That is the case now, and of course I was eager to go waterfalling again...:-)
To Terengganu, a 3D2N trip with Paul and Rahim.

Our first destination was the Penitih falls, located in the Kemaman district. During my first visit in January 2010, I had only visited two of the lower falls, there should be more. First you have to cross a palm oil plantation before you enter the jungle. The road ends near the river at a large campsite. After lunch we explored the falls. It was the dry season now, so the water flow was much less than during my first visit.

We found several more tiers, but that there are 20, as mentioned in a NST article, a few years ago, is probably exaggerated. On the contour map you can see that the falls are concentrated on a steep slope. Further upstream it flattens out.

When we came back to the campsite we were a bit upset, because a large group of Malays with 4WD's had arrived. We were worried that they had come to this remote place to escape the restrictions of Puasa, partying the whole night, but the opposite was true. After the sunset they started a religious service! During the night they were quiet, but of course around 5 am, there was a service again. When we woke up, they were preparing to leave already. Very strange, maybe it was an illegal Islamic sect?

When I told my friend Siang Hui about the trip, he told me that there was another waterfall in the same hill range. So that was our next target. It was not far from Penitih to Hutan Lipur Menderu, itself just a few cascades and rapids. From here we had to trek about one hour, hardly any trails, to reach Lata Seru. Except locals, not many people will have visited this beautiful remote fall.

Last destination was Hutan Lipur Cemerong. Cemerong is probably the tallest and most impressive waterfall in Peninsular Malaysia, so I was worried that it might be crowded. But when we arrived, we found the barrier down and nobody there! There is a nice fall with an enormous pool near the campsite. Lots of lightning in the mountains, but we had no rain during the night.

The next morning we went to the waterfall. It is a cemented trail until you reach a hanging bridge. When you look at my Cemerong waterfallpage, you will see the warning: DO NOT CROSS the bridge. I did not check my own page, written in 2007, as it was a last-minute decision to include Cemerong. So we made the same mistake this time!

It takes about one hour to reach Cemerong. Even in the dry season it is a dramatic, breathtaking fall. On our way back we had a tropical downpour, that is part of the fun when you are waterfalling!

On our way to Penitih

The campsite


Ready to go

River trekking

The first fall

A very weird tree

Perfect head protection!

Second fall

Third Fall

Narrow gorge

Fourth fall

Fifth fall

Sixth fall

Back at the first fall

The Penitih falls

Enjoying the pool

Rahim catching fish

Preparing our dinner

Of course with chili padi

Dinner time

Our campfire

My hammock

Our next destination

Hutan Lipur Air Menderu

Well maintained

Impressive trees

The first fall

Another fall

Lata Seru

With a beautiful pool

Time to relax

Daredevil Rahim

He did it!

Giant buttresses

Good camouflage

Cemerong fall


Warning for Flash floods

Lower Cemerong fall

With an Olympic size pool

And a free Fish Spa..:-)

Time for a drink

Beautiful clouds



Don't cross this bridge!

Wrong route

One for the album

Nice trees here too

And funny ones

A scary suspension bridge

Cemerong fall

Upper part of the fall

Note the tiny human
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Admiring the view

After the rain

New shoes needed!

GE map of the trip

Kwai Loh wrote on Aug 14, 2012:
No, I was shy...
And yes, the Cemerong fall is a mighty one.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Aug 14, 2012:
" Very strange, maybe it was an illegal Islamic sect " You didn't take pictures ?
That is really a mighty fall.

Kwai Loh wrote on Aug 15, 2012:
I will pass the compliments to Rahim...:-)

wrote on Aug 15, 2012:
good spotting on your part, too. looks like the knock on your head had not affected your senses. /stephen

wrote on Aug 15, 2012:
Very very great!
I'd like to see that!

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