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A trip to Raman's orchard in Gombak, 9-9-2012
An email from my friend Keong. Was I interested to join a trip to Gombak? An orang asli friend of him, Raman, had an orchard there and would give demonstrations of several traditional skills. And also we would learn the knots needed to properly handle flysheets and hammocks.

Yes, I was, so early Sunday morning I drove to Gombak, where I met Keong and his group. We crossed the Gombak river, passed under the Karak highway, and reached the orchard in about twenty minutes.

What an idyllic place, a real garden of Eden! Raman's dream is to make this orchard a kind of cultural museum where traditional skills are preserved. He showed us how to build a temporary shelter, how to cut bamboo in the correct way, and explained the working of traps. He also gave a demonstration how to "weave" palm fronds.

In the second part of the program Paul showed us various knots, suitable for setting up a hammock and a flysheet. And he used a fire bow to make fire, quite impressive.

In the meantime Raman's wife had been busy in the kitchen, preparing BBQ chicken and rice in bamboo.

After enjoying a tasty lunch, we walked back to "civilisation"

Are you interested? You can contact Keong through his informative website Outdoor Gear in Malaysia

Gombak, briefing by Keong

Crossing Sg Gombak

Orang Asli village

Crossing the Karak highway

Through a tunnel

An easy walk

A fish pond

Raman's orchard

Keong and Raman

The kitchen

An idyllic place

A nice hut


Raman's family

Even a small waterfall

Raman explaining

Further inside the jungle

A trip for small rodents

The trap

Another kind of trap

A temporary shelter

Busy preparing lunch

How to cut bamboo

More explanation

Palm fronds for weaving

Do it yourself

The result

Tobacco plant


Nice flower

The knife collection

Looks delicious

Knotting demonstration

Using a fire bow to make fire

And he managed to do it!

Weird insect

Playing the nose flute
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Lunch is ready


On our way back

wrote on Sep 9, 2012:

wrote on Sep 10, 2012:
Misai Kucing?

Kwai Loh wrote on Sep 10, 2012:
Thanks for the id!

Dan wrote on Sep 18, 2012:
The perfect weekend getaway .... educational and refreshing.

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