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Zen's wedding party 23-10-2010
Of course it was not Zen's wedding party, but her daughter's!

But Zen looked so radiant and youthful that an outsider might be mistaken..:-)

It was a nice, well-organised wedding dinner. The food was excellent, the company pleasant. A memorable evening.
Let the pictures tell the story.

Congratulations to the young couple!

A stylish dinner

Gang of Four and Karaoke table
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The VIP table

A song starts the ceremony

The radiant young couple

Cutting the cake

A slightly fake cake..:-)

The bride's family

Zen and son

The menu

Double Happiness Combination

Henry acting as a waiter

Excuse me, that is my job!

Eight Treasure Miso Soup

My dinner partner and me
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Chicken Roll with Lime Sauce


Kwai Fei Fish, Teochew style


Chuan is still hungry

Henry emptying the plate

Change of dress for the bride

The bridesmaid has a big responsability

Another tradition

A proud mother

Yaaaaaaam Seng!

The confetti boys

Wok Fried Prawns

Here is the waiter again

Mummy, I have to tell you something

Musical entertainment

Attentive listeners

Kai Lan with Assorted Mushrooms

Enjoying their food

Glutinous Rice with Minced Meat

The band

Zen and me

Ping Pei roll & Fried Flower Basket

George taking over as waiter

Lotus Seed and Lily Bud Soup

Thanks for the nice evening!

wrote on Oct 25, 2010:
Thanks Dekey. She's got to be busy, at this age still trying hard to keep the undesirables away.

wrote on Oct 25, 2010:
uncle Khong's wife still pretty ;)

wrote on Oct 25, 2010:
Nice shirt ! :)

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