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Taiping again, September 2012
When I have not visited Taiping for a few months, I start feeling uneasy, so I called my friend George and asked him if he had any plans to go there. He had, because there would be a karaoke competition in the New Club, and I was welcome to join him.

Before I left KL I had emailed a few Taiping friends, that I would like to meet them. One of them, Yeap replied that on Saturday, September 22, the International Day of Peace would be celebrated in Taiping, with a bicycle rally as one of the events. Would I like to join?

Well, of course a Dutchman likes to ride a bike!

There was heavy rain in the early morning, but just in time the sun came through. Quite a few people had gathered at the Lake Gardens, and after a short briefing, we cycled around the lake and through the town. At the finish, breakfast was waiting for us, accompanied by a Bagpipe Music Band! Several people could not resist the temptation to dance. A well-organised event!

After a relaxed afternoon, we went to the New Club for dinner and karaoke. The CEO of Spritzer joined us with a big bottle of Chivas Regal. It was a good excuse for me to skip part of the karaoke, although I must admit that the quality of the participants was quite good.

Before the start

Welcome speech
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Trishaws for the lazy people

There we go

And here we have arrived already

Time for breakfast

With a music band (bagpipes!)

Let's dance

The official picture

Proof that I took part

George as grass cutter

Quite a big job

Dinner & drinks at the New Club

Ready for the karaoke

The official poster

Two participants

The jury

Early morning at the Lake Gardens

The next morning we met May, another friend, in the park. George and I had met her two years ago and off and on I had exchanged emails with her. We had a pleasant walk and talk, enjoying the always relaxing atmosphere of the most beautiful gardens in Malaysia. During breakfast with dim sum (and delicious glutinous rice) we told May that we were planning to visit the Austin Pool afterwards.

She was eager to join, so we drove to the trail head and walked along the quiet stream. George stayed behind as he had promised never again to hike with me into the jungle,after my recent mishaps with falling rocks and stinging bees, LOL. We reached a nice waterfall where, to my surprise, May plunged into the water, clothes and all and took a refreshing bath. Wow!

The local daredevils must have been surprised as well and were happy to have their photo taken with May, of course after first fashioning their hair..:-)

May and George

Archetypal tree..:-)

One of the bridges

Another one

Scenic views, so beautiful

Spider Lily

Grasshawk dragonfly

One of the rain trees

Another one, fallen down


With dim sum

At the Austin Pool

A quiet stream

People enjoying themselves

But urbanisation is approaching.

May would like to take a bath

And she did!

Daredevils in action

Is my hair ok?

Then it is time for a picture

After a nice cendol in one of the famous stalls, we said goodbye. It will not be the last time we meet!

In the afternoon I paid a visit to Girlie and Yeoh, who were busy with their first grandchild. When I wanted to leave, suddenly my car did not start. It has one of these modern electronic systems, where you push a button instead of turning the ignition key. Soon it became clear that the battery was flat. What to do, on a Sunday afternoon?

Well, just leave it to Yeoh! In the same street the owner of a battery shop was living, and soon Yeoh had fetched him. He was actually having his dinner, but never mind. Yes, the battery was flat, but no problem, he had a spare one in his house. So, within less than half an hour I had a new battery. Taiping is really the place to be for me.

The next morning it was already time to go back, after having first breakfast in another famous shop. I wanted to have a look at the condition of the New Rest house, which is closed for renovation for years already and going down the drain. A real shame, I suspect that the owner leaves the fence broken on purpose.
The adjoining heritage building is also a sad and sorry sight.

Finally, on our way back, we stopped for a while at the Hokkien cemetery where the urn of George's mother is kept. It is a nice place and I have more or less decided to book my 3rd home here. Hopefully in the far future...:-)

Satisfied I went home, but in a few months time the craving for Taiping will start again!

Back from a refreshing bath

David and Goliath

The famous Taiping cendol

The grandchild of Girlie and Yeoh

With the proud father

My car did not start!

Breakfast in wantan mee shop

With duck and chicken.


The new Resthouse, a sad sight

Broken fence

Ruined interior

Another heritage building
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In a sorry state :-(

Columbary of the Hokkien cemetery

The urn of George's mother is kept here.

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 3, 2012:
This is the first album, created with my own scripts!

maycheah wrote on Oct 5, 2012:
Jan, what a lovely delightful write-up and what an honor for us in Taiping to be the first. Keep up your beautiful creative writing here. I am your loyal fan and I'm sure there are many others out there. Looking forward for fun-time with you again.

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 6, 2012:
Thanks May. Very appropriate that a "Taiping girl" is the first to comment on this album.

Jasmine wrote on Nov 18, 2012:
Hi Jan, beautiful write-up of Taiping, seen thru the eyes of a kwai-loh! Got to this website thru your email to Yeap (Taiping Heritage Society President), when you added your support for Dr Julian Davison's talk on Malaysian shop houses to be repeated in Taiping at a future date. Glad you are also a member of THS and your interest in heritage buildings here. Hubby (A L Chan) and I attended your talk (under MNS Perak) once in Ipoh, on GPS and geo caches. Remember us? Sharon

Kwai Loh wrote on Nov 18, 2012:
Hi Sharon, of course I remember you! There are more Taiping albums on this website. Enjoy

lightlingmk2 wrote on Feb 25, 2014:
I know this guy on the left

lightlingmk2 wrote on Feb 25, 2014:
If this building is behind the post office it is the old local council building.

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