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Taiping & CH, August 2006
Here is a very belated report about a trip to Taiping and the Cameron Highlads, made in 2006, 15 years ago! In those days Khong Tuck Koon, Stephen Boey, George Tan and I had formed a group, the Gang of Four, with interest in traveling, nature, bbirdwatching, waterfalls and food, not necessarily in that order. Here is a report about our first Gang of Four trip to Southern Thailand 14-16 August 2005.
I don't remember why I never wrote a report about our second trip. We stayed one night in Taiping and one night in Brinchang and Henry Hor, a friend, joined us this time.

After so many years, details have become a bit vague. After brealfast in Batu Gajah we visited the Kinta Nature Park. Recently I had bought a compact camera with 12x zoom, so I tried to take pictures of birds myself.

Breakfast in Batu Gajah

Kinta Nature Park


Water Hyacinth

Common Flameback

Monitor Lizard

Black-crowned Night-heron

Purple heron


Grey Heron


We also visited a small waterfall where? and then continued to Taiping, where we had lunch in Casual Market and had booked accommodation in the Fuliyan Hotel. After some rest we went out for cendol at Ansari and did some birding, but where? We had dinner in Soon Lee and later a snack (apom) near the Lake Gardens.

which waterfall?

Black-bellied Malkoha


Fuliyan Hotel

Peace Hotel

Lunch Casual Market

Richard Pipit

Ansari Cendol

Dinner Soon Lee


Apom stall


The following day after breakfast with noodles and char siew (where?), we went to the Burmese Pool, wehere we walked around. We had lunch (where?) and then moved on to the Cameron Highlamds.

Char Siew


Lake gardens

Birding Birmese Pool?

Birmese pool







Durian flowers



Lunch Taiping where?

On our way to the CH

Which hotel in Brinchang? We had dinner there and the next morning we visited the Mossy forest. A perfect place to take pictures of the many flowers.

CH where ?

Dinner Brinchang


Mossy Forest









Before driving back home, there was satill time enough to visit the Robinson waterfall. After lunch (where?) we drove home



Path to Robinson Fall


Robinson Fall



Lunch CH where?

Back at Khong's place

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