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Closure, finally! 14-10-2012
On 8-7-2012, about three months ago, I explored a "new" waterfall in the Nuang region, with my friend Rani. When we had arrived at the waterfall and were taking some rest, I was hit by a piece of rock, falling from the steep cliff above me. You can find the detailed report here.

The repercussions of this mishap were actually more serious than I thought at first. When I went to my GP one week later for the removal of the stitches, he found that the wound was infected AND that there might something wrong with my skull. He advised me to go at once to the hospital, where, after an X-ray and a CT-scan, they discovered a hairline fracture in my skull.

It would heal itself, but for about six weeks I should refrain from strenuous activities. Of course I obeyed, but it was clear to me that I had to go back to this Bomoh Ali waterfall. To take my revenge on the Bomoh, so to speak..:-)

On 16-9-2012, more than two months after my 'accident', I visited two waterfalls in the Bentong region, again with Rani. I reported about it on my blog. This time no rock hit me, but I was stung by a bee and almost got an anaphylactic shock

Quite frightening, the more so, because a few weeks earlier a friend of mine, Harry Nian, had died while on a solo expedition in Terengganu, after he got stung by a swarm(!) of bees.

Still I was determined to go back to the Bomoh Ali fall, and I asked Rani to join me again.I would have understood his reluctance, after two trips where he had actually to consider "emergency procedures" to get me out safe and sound. But he was still willing to accompany me. To be honest, I did not sleep well the night before. Not that I feared the Bomoh, but sweat bees, that is a different matter!

After our usual breakfast we drove to Ulu Langat and the Nuang ranger station, where we parked our car. Registering with the rangers, Rani asked about the waterfalls. Big surprise, there are actually TWO falls, Berembun and Bomoh Ali, and the fall where I was hit, was NOT Bomoh Ali, but Berembun!

The Nuang ranger station


The wide road to Gunung Nuang

Signboard with the two falls.

Wrong trail!

One of the many pondoks

Here the trail starts

Beautiful fungus

We have to swim here

Looking back, strong currents!

Closure! Here the rock hit me

It's quite a long hike from the ranger station, leading to Gunung Nuang, a popular destination for people preparing for Gunung Tahan or Kinabalu. We tried a side trail, but that was a mistake. Along the road there are several pondoks where you can rest. After about two hours we reached the orang asli hut where the trail starts down to the river. Not far, but very steep.

You reach the river at a point, where you can already hear the waterfall, around the corner, but you have to swim to reach it! As it had rained heavily the days before, the current was quite strong. But we managed, so we finally reached the location where I was hit. Closure! And also no sign of bees! As a precaution I had kept on all my clothes. We had coffee and took our time to admire the fall. Berembun means misty, the force of the falling water caused indeed a mist, it was cold, so we did not stay long.

The rangers had told us that we had to follow the river downstream to reach the Bomoh Ali fall. The trail was clearly marked and the last steep part was even provided with ropes.

The Berumbun fall

Me and the fall

Daredevil Rani

On our way to Bomoh Ali

Ropes to help you descend

Almost there

The Bomoh Ali fall
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One for the album

Rani showing his strength

A feeble attempt to imitate him
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If you steal anything, the Bomoh will curse you!

Beautiful trees

More giant trees

Water catchment

Almost like a park

Back to civilisation

Bamboo shoots for the market

The Pangsun reservoir
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Our hike on Google Earth

maycheah wrote on Oct 16, 2012:
Jan, how do you know this is the particular piece of rock that strike you? ;-)

maycheah wrote on Oct 16, 2012:
It's really a beautiful fall. So much water rushing down... must have rained the night or two before.

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 16, 2012:
I am sure it is not! This one was rounded, the original one had sharp edges. The picture is meant to be symbolic, lah!

maycheah wrote on Oct 16, 2012:
You don't tell, I won't know.. ;-)

maycheah wrote on Oct 16, 2012:
Hahaha... just pulling your leg!

maycheah wrote on Oct 16, 2012:
Jan, thanks for the sharing. I've enjoyed the delightful write-up, your artistic shots of the beautiful nature and a virtual trip with you.

Liz wrote on Oct 17, 2012:
>Not that I feared the Bomoh, but sweat bees, that is a different matter! Surely the sweat bees in Malaysia are the stingless variety, all they do is tickle.

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 17, 2012:
Quote from the Wikipedia item about sweat bees:
Their attraction to sweat makes them a nuisance, as they will sting if squeezed or squashed against one's flesh. Their sting is rated a 1.0 on the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, making it quite minor. Individuals with allergies to any kind of insect stings should seek immediate medical attention.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Oct 19, 2012:
I really laugh at your write up. Take care... you are not really well yet. I use my own urine for bee/ wasp sting... sumerge in water to ward off swamp.

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