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Taiping, May 2012
This is a report about a trip made to Taiping in May 2012, but written in September 2021, nine years later!
Based on the more than 100 pictures I took during that trip and the emails we exchanged, preparing for the trip. The destination was Maxwell Hill, where George had booked the Watson bungalow (now renamed Beringin) for one night. It was a Gang of Four trip, but as usual also Gilbert and Yoke Sim took part.
They are real birders, like Khong and Stephen, whereas George and I are "accidental "birders"

That's why we left KL in two groups. The four real birders left very early on 17 May, to go birding in the Matang mangrove forest.
George, Jenny and I started later. We met for lunch in Kuala Sepetang. The famous curry mee.

Then we continued to Taping where Stephen and Khong had booked a room in the New Club. I stayed with George and Jenny. Not sure where Gilbert and Yoke Sim spent the night, I think with relatives. We met later for dinner.

Kuala Sepetang


Famous curry mee

A group photo

Dinner in Taiping

The next morning we took the jeep up the winding road to Maxwell Hill. Luckily nobody got carsick. Watson is one of the bumgalows at what you could call the Maxwell Hill village. It is where the jeeps deliver their passengers.

Preparing for the jeep ride

Our luggage

On our way

Nobody carsick


George always the gentleman

Walking to the bungalow

The Watson bungalow was in good condition, but without a caretaker, so we had to bring up our own food. Notice the bathroom, you have to descend a few steps.

The bungalow sign

Beringin (Watson)

Another view

Living room

Dormitory style bedroom


We explored the surroundings. The weather was nice, good views of Taiping. It was even possible to see Kuala Sepetang and the Straits!

The Maxwell Hill village

Beringin in de center


View of Taiping

Far away Kuala Sepetang!

I managed to take a few bird pictures, but I was not really happy with the result, in comparsion with the pictures taken by the birders. So much easier to take pictures of flowers and insects!

Black-crested bulbul

Streaked Spiderhunter

Mountain Bulbul

Blyth Hawk-Eagle

Easy picture taking

In the afternoon we walked up the tar road to Speedy's bungalow. It was in this bungalow that I celebrated my 60th birthday in 2004. Guna was the caretaker at that time. Unfortunately the lease was not renewed and it was decided tp transform the bungalow into a center for biodiversity. A lot of mony was spent. but when we visited the center it was clear already that it was a failed project. Really a pity.

Walking to Speedy's

Bio Diversity Center

Ambitious project

Speedy's bungalow

Another view


Many flowers!








And other critters.





It was a pleasant day. We climbed the view tower and visited the nearby Indian temple, where we met Guna, now the caretaker of the temple.

View tower

The Indian temple

My favourite Hindu god


Our treasurer

Hitting the sack

After breakfast the next morning, it was time to prepare for the return trip. Some last-minute birding. Back in Taiping we had lunch. I stayed one more day with George and Jenny, the others went home.


Last-minute birding

View of Taiping

The Lake Gardens in the foreground

Lunch in Taiping

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