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Pisang waterfall, 10-11-2012
The Pisang waterfall is located near the Karak highway and can actually be reached from there in about 15 minutes only (but parking is illegal!). A much nicer approach is from the old Gombak road.

Surprisingly my friend Rani had never been to this waterfall, so it was an easy decision to go there for a half-day trip with him and his friend Grant.

This waterfall is one of the first I have visited in Malaysia, nine(!) years ago. There was hardly a trail then and you had to start at the Pumphouse, first asking permission. Access from there is no longer allowed now, but about 50 meter before the gate there is a parking, where you pay RM 2. That is called progress..:-)

Right at the start there is the bottleneck of the hike: you have to cross the Gombak river. As there had been heavy downpours the last few days, I expected the water level to be high and as a precaution I had even taken a rope with me, just in case. But no need for a rope, the river was easily passable.

Via a clear trail with one steep passage you then reach the tunnel under the Karak Highway. I am sure not many people will pass this tunnel without at least shouting once, to hear the effect...:-) .

The rest is simple and pleasant. Clear trail, or you can follow the river. In about 45 minutes you reach the fall. I was expecting a crowd, the fall is used for abseiling by adventure groups, so it was a pleasant surprise that we were the only visitors. Of course we took a bath (cold water!), and now I always keep all my clothes on, to reduce the risk of bee stings.

We had coffee and then tracked back. It started raining, to prove that we were really in the rainforest..:-) That is part of the fun.

Where to cross the river?

Rani goes first

Grant follows

The pumphouse

Good that there is a rope!

Reaching the Karak highway

The tunnel

Inside the tunnel

At the other side

Pleasant river trekking

Ginger flower


Another species

Giant tree

We reach the fall

Quite impressive

Time for a bath


Perfect shower

With all my clothes!

View from above

On our way back

Passing a big rock

Impressive root system

Back at the tunnel

Checking for leeches

Leave only footprints!

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