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MyCat Trip (24-25)-11-2012
"Why don't you join one of our MyCat trips to the Sg Yu TiIger Corridor", my friend Ashleigh asked me. MyCat is a NGO concerned about the preservation of the Malaysian tiger and the creation of a wildlife corridor between Taman Negara and the Titiwangsa main range.

To whet my appetite he added, "We will stay overnight in the jungle, visit a canyon and a cave, and... there are waterfalls". That did it of course for me..:-)

It it a long drive from KL to Merapoh, so I was fortunate that Muna, one of the MyCat volunteers could give me a lift. We arrived Friday night around 10pm in Merapoh, where we met the rest of the group in the Sg Relau Ranger's station of Taman Negara. The next morning, after breakfast, we drove to the Orang Asli kampong where our hike would start. The orang asli here belong to the Batek tribe. They are Negrito's with their characteristic curly hair. Very friendly people.

The dorm at Sg Relau

Preparing to go

The participants

Ashleigh as multi-photographer

Breakfast in Merapoh

Arrival at the Batek kampong

Bright dresses

Curious spectators

A real beauty

Start of the hike

As we were carrying our stuff (hammock, sleeping bag, food) ourselves, I had asked Ashleigh how many hours we would trek. Not more than 4-5 hours a day, according to him. So it was a pleasant surprise when, after not more than 1 hour+, we reached the campsite already! Located next to a small stream. We set up camp, had our ta pao lunch and around 1pm we started hiking again, just with a day pack. Destination was a waterfall upstream. One way was to climb up a ridge, but we first tried to follow the river. At first easy, but after a while the valley became a canyon with steep walls and we reached a small waterfall where it was impossible to continue.


Muna, our card reader

Trail in the bamboo forest

Huge Arum species

Various Arum details

Delightful cup fungus

Another type of fungus

People (poachers?) have been here

And elephants too!

River crossing

Our campsite

River trekking

Becoming more narrow

A waterfall in a canyon

Me and the waterfall

Nice flower

Happy Yen and jungle furniture

So we backtracked to the camp, took the ridge trail and reached the waterfall in less than one hour. Not a spectacular one, several tiers, but with a rather obstructed view because of fallen trees.

After a short rest we made an attempt to reach the upper tiers, but gave up as it was getting late. Back in the camp it was time to prepare our food. We were lucky with the weather, only some light rain in the evening. I always turn a lot from one side to another in my sleep, that is not easy in a hammock. But even when you don't sleep, listening to the sounds of the jungle is very relaxing.

Nature -> Art

The waterfall

Upper part

Enjoying a bath

Enjoying a cigar

The campfire experts

What a beauty!
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Photographer in action

Dinner time

Preparing for the night

The next morning after breakfast we packed all our stuff, took care that we did not leave any rubbish and hiked to the canyon. This was the most spectacular part of the trip, scrambling up and down between steep cliff walls, with one scary passage, where it was safer to lower down our backpacks separately. Big fun.

Yen shows that his nickname is Happy

Leaving the camp

Ready to go

Sun bear markings

We enter the canyon

Various details

A scary passage
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Better to go without barang

Lowering the backpack

At the exit of the canyion

A hollow tree

The last part of the program was a visit ofa cave near the kampong, with a Batek guide. A vague trail at the foot of steep limestone cliffs brought us to the entrance of the cave. As this was just a recce, we decided not to venture down into the cave. We went back to the kampong, had some delicious durians, lunch in Merapoh, after which we started the long drive back.

We had a nice dinner in restaurant Sentosa in Raub (value for money!) and then got stuck in a massive jam (Sunday evening!), so we arrived home only about midnight.

Thanks to Ashleigh for organising the trip, to Muna for her safe driving and to all participants for their pleasant company.

Two styles of dressing

One of the village ladies

So decorative!

Fresh sun bear markings

This beehive was his target

On our way to the cave

Cave entrance

We did not venture in

Rest at the entrance

Nice rock formation

On our way back

Enjoying durians

lightlingmk2 wrote on Dec 13, 2012:
Jungle croach is more fancyful and beautiful unlike the house pest.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Dec 13, 2012:
I can see some dangerous moves there. How at your age can take all that. Interesting trip though.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Dec 14, 2012:
Too risky. If fall how far down ?

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