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Waterfalls of Perak, March 2013
It has become a tradition to make a waterfall trip each year with my friends Paul and Rahim. This time the original plan was to explore some of the Kedah waterfalls, but that would have meant a lot of driving. So instead we decided to visit a few of the lesser known Perak waterfalls.
We started our trip in Taiping, my second home town, staying overnight in my favourite Furama hotel
The Lake gardens were enchanting as usual, the food in the Lake Garden food court was nice, and the next morning we had delicious dim sum in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The Taiping Lake Gardens
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Relaxing atmosphere

Lake Garden Food Court

Paul choosing lobak

The result

Dim Sum breakfast


Start of Air Hitam trail

My favourite ginger

Air Hitam fall

Our first destination was the Air Hitam waterfall. I had been there a few years ago, when there was no clear trail to the main waterfall. Now it was much easier. There are more waterfalls upstream of the main one.We had coffee here and then proceeded to Lata Puteh, one of the more spectacular waterfalls of Malaysia. Also here access is easier than when I visited the fall a few years ago. Of course this is because the fall has been published on my Waterfalls of Malaysia site. But fortunately still pristine, no rubbish.

Actually we had a hidden agenda for this trip. Quite near to the Lata Puteh fall, there is another one, Tebing Tinggi, clearly visible from the road. Upstream there is a tall fall, visible on Google Earth and also reported by a friend of mine who sometimes can explore waterfalls from a helicopter! Is access from the road possible? Siang Hui, the waterfall expert of Malaysia, told me that there was a water pipe going up from the parking near the waterfall.
We checked this and indeed, there was a water pipe, going up steeply. It was an easy decision: we would come back the next morning to do a recce!

At the top of the fall

One of the upper falls

Time for coffee

My personal marker

Rahim measuring the height of the fall

The village preparing for the election

On our way to Lata Puteh

The impressive Lata Puteh

Pictures for the album..:-)

Tebing Tinggi fall

We continued to Lenggong where we took rooms in the Rest House and had a nice dinner in one of the famous Lenggong restaurants. The next morning, after breakfast, we went back to Tebing Tinggi and started to follow the water pipe. Steep but doable. When the water pipe took a right turn (to the river) we scrambled up the slope and reached an old logging road, that took us back to the river and a small waterfall. We were here about 500 meter away from the estimated location of the main fall.
After some discussion we decided to go back.Two senior citizens and one fit orang asli, too risky..:-). But we will come back soon!

Lenggong Resthouse

Comfortable rooms

Lenggong is famous for its food

Ikan Baung

Preparing for Tebing Tinggi

Steep climb up

Following an old water pipe

Reaching the river

Big boulders

On our way back

View of the valley

A bat lily

Almost back

Leech country..:-)

Aerial view of Upper Tebing Tinggi

Our recce on Google Earth

Ulu Lecin

There was time enough too visit another waterfall, near Beruas. Ulu Lecin, a nice curtain fall. Very close to the road, but virtually unknown. We stayed overnight in Batu Gajah, in the Sunshine Rest House, quite basic.But we had nice food in the Mok Yew restaurant, value for money.

Time to relax
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After a rewarding day

Time for a drink

Sunshine Resthouse in Batu Gajah

Not well maintained

The only table in the room

Dinner in Mok Yew restaurant

Nice food!


The Batu Gajah Court

Nice colonial architecture

After breakfast next morning and a quick look at the colonial architecture of Batu Gajah, we drove to Simpang Pulai, up to the Cameron Highlands. There, near kampong Lalang, a beautiful waterfall is located, discovered by Siang Hui, the Kait waterfall. I had visited it with SH on a discovery trip a few years ago. The view of the fall at that time was obstructed by a fallen tree. Now it was visible in all its glory. From there it was still a long way home, as we had promised to bring Rahim back to his kampung, along the road from Ringlet to Sg Koyan.

A very rewarding trip!

On our way to the Kait fall

Trail head

Crossing the Sg Raya

Clear path

Orang Asli Slash and Burn agriculture

River trekking

The impressive Kait fall

Upper part

Perfect shower

Happy ending

Late lunch in Tanah Rata

geetee wrote on Mar 12, 2013:
Sorry was not able to catch up with you guys when I was in Taiping . Looks like you all had a great time.

wrote on Mar 12, 2013:
Well Thanks for my name and password. I'm through now. As for this page, I must say I am impressed, plus of course, the hard work you put in. I am now finshing my Volkswagen's page which I started doing in June 1999. Not too long but this time, I am happy that I finished it and second I am glad I got myself into that mess. Like you, plenty of reflections and plenty to write. Keep it up.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Mar 21, 2013:
Aah the water is back. It was dry the last time I went there. T'pg your 2nd home !?

lightlingmk2 wrote on Mar 21, 2013:
The water is back. It was empty the last time I went there. T'pg your 2nd home !?

pinkgiraffe wrote on Apr 15, 2013:
Hi Jan, this is a nice waterfall. Will you be able to provide directions and GPS coordinates to this fall?

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