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Melaka Minitrip March 2013
After the end of the 100-day mourning period for Aric's father, we decided it was time to make a short holiday trip to Melaka. We have visited Melaka numerous times, usually we stay in the Baba House. This time, for a change, we booked a room in the Puri hotel, also in the Heerenstraat. Slightly more expensive. Nice interior.

It has become a tradition too have lunch in the popular Jonker 88 restaurant, famous for its laksa melaka and cendol. In the late afternoon we walked around the town. It is still a nice place to visit, but many of the old shops have been renovated and changed into galleries or restaurants , often loosing their character. The Melaka river has been cleaned, the river cruise is a popular attraction now, but the monitor lizards have disappeared. The Jonker street night market has become very touristy. But I like the activities going on as usual, like the line dancing and the karaoke. We had dinner at a seafood stall.

The next morning, after a substantial breakfast at Puri, we walked around the town again. We were surprised to find a statue of Datuk Wira Dr. Gan Boon Leong, Mr. Universe, Mr. Asia, Mr. Malaysia, Mr. Melaka, the father of bodybuilders in Malaysia. Apparently now a prominent local politician, LOL. We also found signs for pedestrian crossings, and the heritage part of Melaka has been declared a smoke-free zone. Good!

Another of our traditions is to have lunch in the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice shop of Chung Wah, but we arrived there too late (meaning after 11:30 am!), there was a huge queue already. So we decided for simple but very good noodles in a small stall. Nice that these places still exist in Melaka!

Puri Hotel

Nice facade

Comfortable room

Hotel interior

Jonker 88

Our traditional lunch place

CNY poster. Note Rosmah's hands

Kampung Kling Mosque

Cheng Hoong Teng Temple

Note the horizon pollution!

River cruise

Evening mood

The Melaka river by night

Entrance of China town

Jonker streer market

Line Dancing

The Karaoke stage

Food court


Puri by night

Breakfast at Puri

I would like to live here

Typical Melaka shophouses

A new discovery..:-)

A pedestrian crossing sign!

Smoke-free zones

The popular Chicken Rice shop

A simple stall

With nice, cheap noodles

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