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Another nice outing, 21-4-2013
About one year ago our friends Pat and Roger had guests over from Melbourne. They asked me if I had a suggestion for a day trip. Of course I had, and we had A Nice Outing.This month Cathy and Neil, mutual friends, were in Malaysia and I thought it might be a good idea to make the same trip with them. I sent them the link above and they agreed with my suggestion.

My friend Rani was also interested, so the four of us started as usual with breakfast in a mamak shop. Dosai this time. Cathy and Neil had printed the trip report, to make sure that I would not skip anything, LOL.

Our first stop was at the Serendah mosque, romantically situated at the edge of a tin mining pond. From there it was not far to the Seven Wells. Last year it was clear that these wells are not well maintained, this year it was even worse. A pity, as it could be a nice tourist attraction. Next was the Serenedah waterfall, many visitors, as it was a Sunday. A lot of water, we took a refreshing bath, tried to convince Cathy to do the same, but in vain..:-).

Before we had lunch, we visited the Sekeping Serendah resort, to show C&N the place. The location of the glass house is perfect, the architecture interesting, but I will never go back after a traumatic experience a few years ago. Read this report first before you consider to go there!

Then it was time for lunch, in the WK restaurant in Ulu Yam. A huge crowd, we were lucky that we could get a table quite fast. Nice food, not expensive.
Our last destination was the The Buddha Sakya Tharig Center, a quiet oasis in the jungle.

Then it was already time to go home. We did not stop at the Batu reservoir this time, because the ice cream seller was not there...:-)

A nice trip, I think my guests were satisfied with the program

Dosai for breakfast

The Serendah mosque

One for the album

The Seven Wells

The inlets

Lots of rubbish

Poor maintenance

The Serendah fall

Like to take a bath?

Come on!

We will force you!

Sekeping Serendah

The Glass House

The swimming pool

Election time

View of Serendah

My favourite flowers

Lunch at WK restaurant

Delicious prawns

A happy cook in his kitchen

The Buddhist sanctuary

Nuce flower

One of the shrines

The Dragon

The Pig

Neil taking pictures

Prayer wheel

Inside the Main Vihara

The Arahat gallery

Buddhas in Thai style

Turtle pond

The cemetery

Statue with money


Dan wrote on Apr 29, 2013:
oh wow this is nice...

Dan wrote on Apr 29, 2013:
Tourists will love these ... lol

lightlingmk2 wrote on May 15, 2013:
Interesting shot. Who took the photo ?

lightlingmk2 wrote on May 15, 2013:
What using wire for chair ?

lightlingmk2 wrote on May 15, 2013:

lightlingmk2 wrote on May 15, 2013:
More of a torture rather then a sanctuary

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