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Venezia April 2009
If I had to name towns where I would not mind staying for a longer time, Venice would be high on my list. I must have visited it at least five times, and each time it is again a pleasure to take the "vaporetto" along the famous Canal Grande to the Piazza San Marco.

You must accept that you are not the only tourist, but many visitors are day-trippers, and in the evening it becomes much more quiet. Just walking along the canals and over bridges (more than 400!) until you get lost, it is a real pleasure.

Then there are the numerous churches, byzantine, renaissance or baroque. Many opportunities to burn a candle for a good friend.
And then there are the many magnificent palazzo's

This time I went with my brother, we had only four days. When I look at the pictures, I am surprised how much we have been able to see in such a limited period.

There was even time to visit the famous Peggy Guggenheim museum of modern art. With works of my favourite artists, like Tanguy, Pollock, Brancusi.
In the museum garden there is work by Mario Marini, a man on a horse. The man has a prominent erection and the story goes that originally the penis could be unscrewed, when Peggy was receiving visitors who might be shocked by its presence. After it was stolen several times, it has now been fixed (pegged...haha?) permanently.
Si non e vero, e ben trovato.

And of course we HAD to go to a Vivaldi concert, as he is Venezia's most famous composer. What was on the program? The Four Seasons, of course.

We spent half a day on the lagoon, there are a few interesting islands. Like colorful Burano.

Last, but not least, the food. We had Venetian liver, Black spaghetti (with squid ink), pizza, lots of seafood, plenty of wine and after the dinner an espresso with a grappa. Life can be good in Italy.

We started the trip with beautiful weather, but when we left it had started raining, and the town was even taking precautions against flooding, plankways everywhere.

A rivederci, Venice!

Canal Grande

Beautiful palazzo's

The Rialto Bridge


Last part of the Canal Grande

Canal Grande, painting by Friedrich Nerly

Santa Maria della Salute (1681)

Piazza San Marco

Basilica di San Marco & Campanile

Facade of the Basilica (1063)

Torre dell'Orologio (1496)

San Marco square

Palazzo Ducale

Piazzetta San Marco

Riva degli Schiavoni

Canal Grande

Canal Grande

Well-deserved dinner

Lasagna as a starter

Chiesa degli Scalzi (1660)

Regatta competition

A side canal

San Trovaso (1584)

Chiesa del Gesuati (1726)


Ceiling by Tiepolo (1737)

San Sebastiano (1505-1548)

Scuola Grande di San Rocca

One of the many quiet canals

Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari (14th century)

Frari cloisters

Marini, L'angelo della citta (1948)

Pollock, Enchanted Forest (1947)

Tanguy, En Lieu oblique (1941)

Brancusi, Bird in Space (1932-1940)

Ca d'Oro, my favourite palazzo

Another palazzo

And more

Many, many more

Spaghetti al nero di seppia

The Four Seasons (Vivaldi)

Madonna del'Orto (15th century)



Very colorful

Delicious squids

San Michele (cemetery island)

A traghetto (ferry)

Santa Maria Formosa (1492)

San Stae (1709)

San Moise (1668)

Queuing for San Marco, on plankways!

Plan of Venice

A Rivederci, Venezia !

Liz wrote on Sep 2, 2009:
Beautiful, and such nice blue skies.

wrote on Sep 2, 2009:
You seem to love canals, Jan. And food, of course -- like the rest of us :))

Lovely album, as always.

wrote on Sep 2, 2009:
Who was it who said, Vivaldi didn't write 84 concertos, he wrote a concerto 84 times. So mean.

wrote on Sep 2, 2009:
This is just like a painting.

wrote on Sep 3, 2009:
It is..:-) I have added another picture, a real painting by Friedrich Nerly. Father and son were both painters, I think this painting is from the son.

wrote on Sep 3, 2009:
No slight on your photography, but I think I prefer the painting.

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