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Beautiful Malaysia (16-27)-9-2006
This is a pictorial report of a trip with my brother Pim around Malaysia (Sept 16-27). He had been here before, but never visited the East Coast.
I hope this report will give an impression of the beauty of the country, in many respects, both nature, culture and people. Never a dull moment!
Our itinerary:
Day 1: Visit of KL
Day 2: To Kuala Terengganu
Day 3: To Pulau Redang, first snorkeling trips
Day 4: Pulau Redang, more snorkeling (and severe sunburn...)
Day 5: Visit of a school in Setiu. Once a teacher, always a teacher..;-)
Day 6: The Jeram Pasu fall in Kelantan. After that via the East-West highway to Kuala Kangsar
Day 7: To Taiping, meeting friend George. In the afternoon trip to Kuala Sepetang
Day 8: Back home to Damansara Perdana.
Day 9: Just relaxing and recuperating
Day 10: Trip to Perting Fall and Bukit Tinggi
Day 11: Expedition to the Chiling Falls
Day 12: Meeting the Kiara Bunch

The Petronas Towers

The KLCC park

Common Myna

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
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Sultan Abdul Samad Building

The Ultimate Warrior street race

Sea Food Restaurant

Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah


Arrival at Pulau Redang

Redang Holiday Resort

Chalet with a view

Snorkeling trip

East and West meet
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Raedy for action

Feeding the fish




Back to the mainland

School in Setiu

School Children


Jeram Pasu
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A very developed fall


Gunung Reng


Banding Island

Resthouse Kuala Kangsar
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Tuan Belanda

Room with a view

Ubudiah Mosque
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Istana Kenangan
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Malay College

Matang Forest Reserve
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Ashy Drongo

Cockle Fishing

Cockle Washing
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Breakfast in Taiping
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Muzium Perak, Taiping

Museum visitors

More museum visitors

The Lake Gardens, Taiping

Composition in Green

Yellow-vented Bulbul


Perak Tong, Ipoh


On our way to Perting Fall


Climbing down the ravine

Perting Waterfall

Common Bluebottle
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Colmar Tropicale

Market Square, Colmar Tropicale

Japanese Tea Gardens

Common Mock Viper

Chiling expedition

River Crossing

and again...

Chiling Waterfall

The Kiara Bunch

More monkeys

Celebration Lunch
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Malaysia, Terima Kasi!

wrote on Sep 30, 2006:
Very lucky man- with beautiful ladies all around

wrote on Sep 30, 2006:
See that you made it to the fall too.

wrote on Sep 30, 2006:
Not remembering seeing this building! Must be years now since I last went there.

lightlingmk2 wrote on Sep 30, 2006:
Hi Jan I remember this tree.

wrote on Sep 30, 2006:
Looks like the Common Bluebottle (Graphium sarpedon)

wrote on Sep 30, 2006:
Beautiful Malaysia's last bastion?

wrote on Oct 1, 2006:
you guys have special journey in Semenjung !
The Jeram Pasu !! been there since secondary school. Welcome to my hometown ;)

wrote on Oct 1, 2006:
Hi Jan! This is a beautiful shot of St. Andrew's. You must shoot St.Mary's next...near the Dataran Merdeka...

wrote on Oct 1, 2006:
This may be a Sharp-snouted Bush Frog (Philautus ingeri Dring). Could also be a Giant River Frog (Limnonectes Leporinus (Anderson) if it meaures 90- 175 mm....with dark markings. So difficult to tell.

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 1, 2006:
It was a small frog, not more than 4-5 cm

wrote on Oct 1, 2006:
Always love this museum...what was an old nails on the structure man! Never miss this site if I'm passing thru Kuala Kangsar.

wrote on Oct 1, 2006:
Love this caterpillar....try to look at my insect book....sorry can't help...will keep looking.

wrote on Oct 1, 2006:
Beautiful shot Jan. Like the curl. I think it is called the "Dusky Mock Viper (psammodynastes pulverulentus)"...a small snake with a short tail. maximum length is about 60cm, with the tail accounting for one-fifth. The head is enlarged and viper-like, with a flat top and vertical sides to the snout. Heavily speckled with darker pigment.

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 1, 2006:
Yes, it is indeed a psammodynastes pulverulentus, but the name "dusky mock viper" is unknown to me.... This one was very small (less than 15 cm)

wrote on Oct 1, 2006:
This is a scene I'm familiar with....the die-hards at a conference in a natural habitat.....under the shade! Then, its a sumptuous breakfast somewhere, somehow, somewhat and something. Cheers fellas! They are talking the walk...many are talking the talk, few are walking the talk, while even fewer are walking the walk.

wrote on Oct 1, 2006:
Looks more like an outdoor lecture (on birding! )

wrote on Oct 1, 2006:
Great all are real role models....Hello Pim! Another "Flying Dutchman." Aha! Sumptuous lunch...told you so!

Kwai Loh wrote on Oct 17, 2006:
Pasir Puteh is your hometown?
I have added the Jeram Pasu fall to the Waterfalls of Malaysia website.

wrote on Oct 17, 2006:
no, kelantan is my hometown. been to jeram pasu since 17 yrs old. :)

wrote on Dec 8, 2006:
Spectacular architecture! Not even quite as old as I am.

wrote on Dec 8, 2006:
Certainly one wouldn't want to have dirty cockles! :-)

wrote on Dec 8, 2006:
Must have been out of Wheaties, eh?

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