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Charming Kuching (24-27)-11-2006
My second visit to Kuching!
One time before, in 1997, I had visited Sarawak during the infamous "Big Haze". This time the weather was pleasant.
I arrived on a Friday morning and spent the first day revisiting Kuching.
There is a lot to see, it is a pleasant small town with many memories from the time of the "White Raja's"
I crossed the Sarawak river in a tambang (for 20 cent only!) and had a look at the Istana, built in 1870 by Charles Brooke.

After my walk I took a rest at the waterfront, where I met a group of students from the Teacher Training College. They were only too happy to get their picture taken with a real Kwai Loh...:-)

The main reason for my visit to Kuching was to explore the waterfalls in the surroundings. As a webmaster of the Waterfalls of Malaysia website, I had been asked several times why Sarawak was not represented on the site.
A Kuching friend of mine, Gabriel Chong, had collected information about waterfalls around Kuching and on Saturday morning we started our trip to Kg Sadir, about 40 km south of Kuching. A very pleasant Bedayu kampung, from where we started our trek to the Ban Buan Kukuot fall, according to the villagers possibly the most beautiful waterfall of Sarawak.
The trail was well maintained, and we were in good spirits, but somewhere we must have missed the right track.
Later, back in the kampung, a friendly villager told us that it would have been better to take a local guide. A lesson learnt!

Fortunately there was another fall near to the village, where we could take a refreshing bath. Around the kampung there are seven falls, so we will come back another time!

On the Sunday we visited the popular Sunday Market and had a kolo mee lunch in a shop where we met a nice couple, who were also interested in nature and knew about even more waterfalls. After lunch we drove to Santubong. Geocaching is another of my hobbies and I knew that there was one around. It was Gabriel who found the geocache, beginners luck or a sixth sense?

There are several clear trails in the Santubong forest and one of them leads to a nice waterfall, where we took a bath and, being in the mood, placed a new geocache, the Santubong Fall cache. I hope it will be found soon.

A pleasant stay in all respects, worth of a repeat!

Tua Pek Kong Temple

The Waterfront

The Istana

The Sarawak River

View from the Istana


River crossing

The Square Tower

The Courthouse

Courthouse Yard
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Jalan India

Kuching Mosque

Sikh Temple

Sarawak Museum


The Pavillion

The Round Tower

Me and my girls
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South of Kuching

Peaceful coutryside

Pepper plants

Pepper corns

Well-maintained roads

Arrival at Kg Sadir

The primary school

Entrance of the village


Trail head

Bamboo bridge

Steep slope

Hill rice

End of the road....

Ginger flower
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On the way back

Cement path

The Skedu Fall

Time for a bath

Cotton wool

Sunday market in Kuching

Tree saplings

Lunch with Michael & Karen
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Santubong mountain
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Jungle trails

Start of the trails

Suspension Bridge

Forest giants

Santubong Fall

Waterfall Fun

Preparing a geocache

And hiding it

Another Santubong fall

A small one

lightlingmk2 wrote on Dec 2, 2006:
Thanks Jan. I must revisit Kuching, one day. How do you get there? By air asia ? And the car rented ?

Kwai Loh wrote on Dec 2, 2006:
Yes, Air Asia. If you book well in advance, the cost for a return ticket is less than RM 230, everything included. And Gabriel has a car..:-)

wrote on Dec 2, 2006:
ah, jan, you make katsiti sound like such a romantic place. i have not been there before though i know people who come from there. you must have been in heaven (if you believe there is one) during your stay there with all the promises of waterfalls. and i hear miri is another good jumping off spot into the wild. /stephen

wrote on Dec 3, 2006:
I love the wooden floors in this building. They look and feel the same as I had walked on them when I was young.

wrote on Dec 3, 2006:
Ooooh...Jan....can you imagine had you been younger.........?

wrote on Dec 3, 2006:
Beautiful ginger flower Jan! This yellow earth ginger has got scarlet flowers..A. megalocheilos! This is a good blossom.

wrote on Dec 3, 2006:
Typical Kuching hospitality!!

wrote on Dec 3, 2006:
This is a mountain worth climbing...a day's climb and back.

wrote on Dec 3, 2006:
That's the first class Gabriel smile.

wrote on Dec 3, 2006:
Is this Cafe operating? Last time we were there was abandoned.

Kwai Loh wrote on Dec 3, 2006:
On the Sunday it was open, but not many visitors.

wrote on Dec 4, 2006:
When the Multiply Site opened so slowly, I was left with the impression that the travelogue is all about buildings in Kuching. Thanks goodness, you are normal - I mean when I saw the Cotton and Baby's Falls.

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