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China May 2010 part II: Chaozhou
After a few days in Shantou, we took a bus to Chaozhou, about 40 km north.

From the bus station we took a romantic trishaw to the old town center where Aric had booked a hotel. The hotel was a beautifully renovated old building and at the reception they told us that recently in the same street an annex was opened, in the same traditional style.

Were we interested to book this whole annex for our "group"? As the price was reasonable, we accepted the offer, and so we had our own 'mansion' during our stay in Chaozhou!

After checking in, we went out again, hungry. We had lunch in a famous vegetarian restaurant. Vegetarian means that you have fake prawns, fake chicken, everything is fake, but the taste is delicious!

In the afternoon we explored the town. The main street, Taiping Lu, has been renovated recently, it is now a pedestrian area (but take care about the many bikes). We had a look at Chaozhou's main attraction, the old city walls with their beautiful gates. And we saw the GiangJi bridge, the ultimate Teochew icon!

The next few days we spent visiting the many tourist attractions of Chaozhou. This is really the cultural center of the Teochew region, a very pleasant town. The KaiYuan temple is famous, and the bridge, but there is much more to see.

There is the scenic West Lake and the North Pavilion. And there are many more temples.

The weather was often a bit dull and grey, sometimes rain, but that contributed actually to the atmosphere of the town.

And of course there is food! The Teochew cuisine is famous.

We stayed four nights in our temporary home, then continued our trip to Chenghai, see part III of this report

Transport via trishaw

Aric's parents enjoying the trip

Arrival at our hotel

The whole building was ours!

One of our 7(!) bedrooms

Our living room

Our monumental entrance

Taiping Lu, the main street of the old town

School kids on their way home

Magnificent gates

Waiting for our lunch

A very copious one, NINE courses

This lunch is completely vegetarian!

Nice house along Taiping Lu

One of the guard towers

So many characteristic houses!

The main gate

In the background the GuangJi bridge

Enjoying our dinner

Notice the RICH oyster soup!

Taiping Lu by night

The gates are flood-lit


The famous KaiYuan temple


One of the arcades

Full of worshippers

The iconic thousand-hand Bodhisattva

Young devotees

One of the many temple halls

Detail of a gable decoration

One more gate

The Yi Yuan museum

The GuangJi bridge

The old town wall

These gates are so scenic!

The GuangJi tower

The bridge

All the pavillions are different

The pontoon part has been removed

Again the Yi Yuan complex

One of the old streets

With many interesting facades

An old-fashioned dentist

What shall we have for dinner

The kitchen of the restaurant

Delicious prawns and lala

Enjoying dinner

Amateur Chinese opera

Dedicated players

Cheong Fan, my favourite breakfast


One of the many tea shops

The West Lake

West Lake pavillion

Nice architecture

The park has many pavillions

A small pagoda in the park

One more pavillion

Feeding the fish

A new bridge

The North pavillion

View from the pavillion

More pavillions


Decoration of the entrance

The famous Hi Rong Quan bakery

Lots of different cookies

Delicious sweet soup

Urban transport

Temple transport

The Han Wen Gong temple

Inside the temple grounds

The main hall

Different from the usual temples

Roof decoration

The temple gardens

View of the bridge

Long Qiu Bao Ta

Scenic location


The Feng Huang Shi Yu park


Gable decoration

The bridge seen from a distance


A shop


Inside the Yi Yuan

Now a calligraphy museum

We visit the bridge again

Because the pontoon bridge is back !

Our last dinner in Chaozhou

Shells, sotong, pomfret...yummie
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Back to the bus station

wrote on Jun 6, 2010:
nice:) wish i could be there.. ;p

wrote on Jun 6, 2010:
Does the pontoon bridge sway by strong waves? It would be an experience like walking across a highly-strung suspended bridge. Very interesting sights and photos. Keep up the adventure and picture-taking, Jan.

wrote on Jun 7, 2010:
What a beautiful and fascinating place. Maybe I should start tracing my Teochew roots too!!

wrote on Jun 7, 2010:
Love your shots.. thanks for sharing..

wrote on Jun 7, 2010:
When we arrived in Chaozhou, the current in the Han river was so strong that they had moved the pontoon part to the river bank. Fortunately, a few days later, when the current was less, they put it back. Even then the pontoon part is still connected with strong cables to anchors upstream

wrote on Jun 7, 2010:
Steamed pomfret Teochew style -- the best way to cook pomfret.

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