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Otztaler Alps, Austria, 1978
For more than 40 years I have been an avid photographer, with as result a collection of about 16.000 color slides. I have been thinking about digitalising (some of) them, but it would be a formidable job.

I was also curious about the quality of the slides after so many years, so I decided to scan a few pictures taken during a holiday in the Tirolian Alps in 1978. The result is better than I expected and this album took only a few hours to create.

In the sixties I had been an eager mountaineer, spending my holidays mostly in the Alps of Austria. After I met Paul, my interest changed to "exotic" countries and in 1978 we had first spent about four weeks in (post-Shah, pre-Khomeini) Iran.

There was still enough time left for a short visit to Tirol, we were young and ambitious in those days..:-) We started in Langenfeld in the Otztaler Alps and made a few day trips. Beautiful glaciers.

Next destination was the Wildgrat mountain, with an overnight stay in the Erlanger Hutte. As everything went well, our next plan was for a longer hike, spending two nights in mountain huts. We climbed the Seykogel (3355 m), lots of snow, but a clear trail. Beautiful views.

After these trips we felt confident enough to climb the Schrankogel (3496 m), the second-highest mountain in the region and according to the guidebooks "It is a popular, though somewhat demanding, summit, both in summer and in winter"

Well, we did it, without any problem, we had beautiful views and went home very satisfied.

But when I look back after so many years, it was madness. No rope, no crampons, Paul with hardly any mountain experience, we shared one ice axe...:-)


Rotmoos glacier

Gaisberg glacier

Heuflerkogel (3245 m)

Back to the valley

Erlanger Hütte (2550 m)

To the Wildgrat

to the Wildgrat

Wildgrat (2971 m)

On our way down

The Breslauer Hütte
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Trail to the Vernagt Hütte

Kesselwand glacier

To the top of the Seykogel

Going down
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Similaun in the distance

Going down

Similaun with Marzell glacier

To the Schrankogel

Almost at the top

View from Schrankogel

Going down from Schrankogel

Glacier view

Liz wrote on Jun 29, 2010:
Still very good quality photos after all these years. A nice to see Dutch men from a flat country going into the mountains !!!

wrote on Jun 29, 2010:
from glaciers to waterfalls is a natural progression, i suppose. /stephen

wrote on Jun 29, 2010:
Jan...what was your hairs style when in 1960s? shoulder length? :) just curious...

wrote on Jun 29, 2010:
Like Nepal !

wrote on Jun 30, 2010:
Awesome pictures. Awesome feat for someone who comes from terrain as flat as chappatti.

wrote on Jun 30, 2010:
Yes...haha. We were hippies in those days

wrote on Jul 7, 2010:
A preview to the gems you have kept hidden all this while. We will get to see more as and when you scan them ??

wrote on Nov 4, 2011:
Jan just found this blog, nice to see the Pic scanned ok, i use a Epson V700 which does a good job. hee hee we must have just missed each other on that trip as I was working in Austria with the Austrian alpine club during the summer periods of 77,78,79 as a climbing instructor. happy days and I also had hair in those days.

wrote on Nov 4, 2011:
Bloody hell no crampons or ice axe and standing so near to the cornice.. brave

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