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Sarawak trip: Ba' Kelalan
A trip to the interior of Sarawak (9-22)-12-2006

Part 2 : Ba' Kelalan is paradise!

After many hours of muddy logging roads, suddenly rice fields appear and picturesque villages.
We have reached the Borneo Highlands of Ba' Kelalan.
Located at about 1000m altitude, so the climate is pleasant.

The Orang Ulu living here belong to the tribe of the Lun Bawang. They cultivate the famous Borneo Highland rice and are probably the most friendly people I have ever met.

It is a pleasure to stay here several days, in Buduk Nur, the main village of Ba' Kelalan.
Here is the airstrip which we will use later, to fly to Bario.

We enjoy the hospitality of the Tegal family, who run the Apple Lodge.

With a guide we explore the surroundings. We visit a small waterfall, and climb up to the ridge, from where we have a beautiful view of the highlands.
A really peaceful and balanced landscape.
Another day we trek to the salt spring, where salt is still produced in the traditional way, by boiling the salt spring water until evaporation.
We walk around, talk with people, get invited into people's houses.

And one day we even cross the border to Kalimantan, see part 3

This is a place where I sure will come back again!

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The Apple Lodge

The lounge
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Padi fields

Famous rice

Beautiful landscape

Ba' Kelalan Airstrip

The control tower

Start of our first walk

Walking through the rice fields

A curious kerbau

Bamboo bridge

Butterfly in padi field
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A pleasant walk

Meeting a villager

His house


and walking

The Mini Hydro Power Plant

Another bridge

Daun Itip

And a bridge again

A pretty waterfall

A helping hand

Fruits (?)

Ginger flower

Attractive leave


Our guide

Opening a gate

Please go ahead!

I did it!

View of Ba' Kelalan

A pondok to take some rest

Young kerbau taking a mud bath

with his mother

Kerbau herd

Almost back home

Catching fish for the dinner

The catch


Muddy roads

The river


River crossing

A helping hand

Really a good guide

We reach the salt spring

The salt spring

And its caretaker

Filling the basin with salt water

Taking care of the fire

Traditional headgear

The group at the Salt Spring

Edible fruits?

The last crossing

Time for a relaxing bath

The airstrip is used as walkway

Don't try this at KLIA

The famous apple orchard

Apple blossom

Just nice

Bridge to next village

On the bridge

Afternoon walk

It will rain soon

This is NOT France


Lun Bawang Hospitality

wrote on Jan 3, 2007:
I can't believe this is the same Apple Lodge which we stayed in in 2004. They have certainly done some work on it.

wrote on Jan 3, 2007:
This is the Grey Pansy. We saw one at Long Lellang flitting around Ballang's homestay. Nice picture. First time I've seen a picture of a butterfly on a stalk of padi.

wrote on Jan 4, 2007:
Jan, this is a place I would like to come back too as well.

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