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Sarawak trip: A visit to Kalimantan
A trip into the interior of Sarawak (9-22)-12-2006

Part 3: A visit to Kalimantan

Ba' Kelalan is very near to the Indonesian border.
So why not pay a visit to Long Bawang, a town just across the border, still in Lun Bawang territory.
Visa needed? No lah, just give the border post a list with names and IC-numbers and tell them that you will come back in the afternoon!

So, with a guide we went on our way. Just outside the village we passed the Malaysian border post. No problem.
The road was muddy, and there was a lot of motorbike traffic. Sometimes heavily loaded.
Most of the supplies for Long Bawang arrive via Lawas and the border, because there are no interior connections in Kalimantan, only an airstrip.

Then, at the top of a slope, we saw a vehicle. Would it be waiting for us? Yes! Just at the actual border.
We embarked and continued our trip.
The same landscape, but the churches were markedly different. In Malaysia they look more like community halls. here they have real churches, Dutch style..;-)

When we arrived in Long Bawang there was some disappointment with the ladies in the group. Town? Shops?
It was not more than a small village.
But nice, we had lunch and walked around before returning.

On our way back an unexpected surprise, the bridge that we had passed to enter the village, was closed for repair.
Luckily it did not take long, so we were able to be back home before nightfall.

A nice excursion.

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Kalimantan, here we come!

The Malaysian border post

On our way

The usual way of transport here

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Nice countryside

A few houses

And even a shop!!

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Is this a fern?

We saw many egrets

What are those fruits?


A destroyed bridge with a story

Aren't they beautiful?

Vehicle waiting at the border!

Border marker stone

This is better than walking!

Muddy roads again.

The Indonesian border post

Typical Indonesian church
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Another nice example

Road or swimming pool?

We enter the 'town' of Long Bawang

And have lunch there.

The shopping street of Long Bawang
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Colorful facades

Really pretty

And even a IT center!


Of course there is the church

Dutch style, different from Sarawak

Really big church

But there is also a mosque

What is that? Road blocked!

Bridge repair!

Killing time: photographing a spider
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Traffic Jam

Hurrah... bridge reopened!

wrote on Jan 3, 2007:
What a wonderful cluster of mushrooms!

wrote on Jan 3, 2007:
No wonder the women were disappointed!

wrote on Jan 3, 2007:
This is an amazing spider. It looks almost like some kind of crustacean.

wrote on Jan 4, 2007:
This could be "mata kuching" or cat's eyes....similar to "Logans". They are very small in comparison.

wrote on Jan 4, 2007:
Isn't this a Dutch Reformed Church? But it is more churchy than the Kelabit ones in Bario.

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