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Taiping (4-8)-1-2007
Taiping is my favorite town in Peninsular Malaysia.
I have been there many times and it has always been a pleasure.

This time it was not different, as can be seen from the collection of pictures below.

I did not know that there existed a Buddhist Sanctuary in Taiping. It is beautifully located in the hills. The monks come down in the morning to collect their alms. The Sanctuary organises meditation evenings, it might be nice to attend one of these, when I visit Taiping again. See their website for more info.

Many people I had asked during my past visits how to reach the Maxwell Hill Fall. No clear answer. This time a friend took me to the fall and the access turned out to be very simple, just follow the fence outside the Water Treatment Plant. Not more than a 20 minute walk. Nice fall, next time I must try to climb to the top.

We also visited a charcoal factory. I had been in such a traditional factory before, with my expert friend Khong. See his instructive charcoal website.
This visit was very interesting because we could follow all the steps in the process of making charcoal. See the captions of the pictures for an explanation

No visit of Taiping is complete without a walk in the Lake Gardens. These gardens are so beautiful, any time of the day.

This time no attention for Taiping's architecture. As a reminder only picture of the Peace Hotel.

See you again soon, Taiping!

Black-naped Oriole
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Looking at its reflection

Dinner with the Yeoh's

Girlie in her garden

Yellow-vented bulbul

Palm Oil Seeds


Entangled tree


Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary



View from the Sanctuary

George & Yeoh in the Sanctuary

Access road to the Indian temples

Entrance of the Water Treatment Plant

The path follows the fence

Crosses a bridge

The Maxwell Hill Fall
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Upper part of the fall

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The water catchment

Matang Charcoal Factory

Factory Sheds

The access channel at low tide

Fresh logs

Peeling the bark

George at work

Yeoh at work

Mangrove logs

Filling a kiln with logs

Inside a kiln

A carbide lamp in the kiln

The big fire

Needs constant attention

The small fire

Repairing a kiln

Now it is charcoal

Loading the lorry

Keeping track of the process

The boss explains the process

The Lake Gardens
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One of the bridges


The red bridge

The jetty (built in 1910)

The District Officer's Residence

No fooling around, please

The Peace Hotel

wrote on Jan 10, 2007:
I have always liked Taiping for its serenity. On my way to work in Penang i.e. if I drive, I will take the country road and pass Taiping to climb Maxwell Hill, eat dinner there and proceed to my final destination in Penang.

wrote on Jan 10, 2007:
I started to love this place ....

wrote on Jan 10, 2007:
Jan, you captured this so well. Peaceful, tranquil,! Magical. All the feelings that makes a man want to live life well. On the flip side, people in Taiping may have taken this for granted....cos it has become routine. Wake them up.

wrote on Jan 10, 2007:
Yes, I can see that You FOUND it

wrote on Jan 11, 2007:
The Lake Gardens is truly lovely.

wrote on Jan 11, 2007:
when did you take the picture? why no people? the reason i ask is that the area is usually full of pedestrians, not to say traffic. also, the food there is much better than the hotel. cheap and tasty. and you can usually watch the people pass by while you eat. because the bus and taxi stations are nearby and with a supermarket across the road -- as well as several bazaars and the taiping convent (school) nearby -- you can see all manner of people doing all kinds of things. or fridays, the scene changes slightly as sarong clad men walk to the mosque a stone's throw away. a sociologist's dream. /stephen

Kwai Loh wrote on Jan 11, 2007:
The picture was taken on Monday morning at 9:52 am. I had to wait for about 15 minutes before there was no traffic for a split second..:-)

wrote on Jan 11, 2007:
I wonder why it did that. To see the kwei loh in a cage?

wrote on Jan 11, 2007:
i thought there would be more water with the rainy season. or hasn't it been raining in taiping for some time? /stephen

wrote on Feb 7, 2007:
I remember having loh bak during the 1960s. Ever try 7UP + ice cream?? My favorite


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