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Greece, Athens, September 2011
More than 30 years after my first visit to Greece, I have gone back to the cradle of Western civilisation..:-).
A trip to Athens, Delphi, Meteora, the Sporadic Islands and Santorini. Too many pictures to publish in only one Multiply album.
Here is part 1, Athens.

From the airport we took the Metro to Monastiraki Station in the Plaka, where we had booked a hotel.
When you exit from the station, you find yourself in the middle of the animated Plaka crowd.
Our hotel was only a five-minute walk from the station and from the roof terrace we had a spectacular view of the Acropolis.
No problem to find a restaurant here. Tsatsiki, Souvlaki, Greek salad, Retsina, a real Greek dinner.

The next morning we started our tourist activities with the Acropolis. We were not the only ones, although October is considered off-season.
The Parthenon temple is under renovation for decades already, not easy to take pictures without cranes (or tourists).

The next day we visited the Roman Agora and the Ancient (Greek) Agora with the Hephaisteion temple. Lots of walking. In the afternoon we took a taxi to the Lykabettus hill, where we waited until sunset, with a beautiful view of the Acropolis as a reward.

The following day we left Athens for Delphi and Meteora (see next album), but we came back at the end of our trip and visited the National Archeological Museum, one of the leading museums in the world.

And of course we went to Syntagma Square to watch the changing of the guards (the Efzones). You are allowed to have your picture taken, next to a guard, but you can not touch them or speak to them.

Next: Delphi and Meteora

Arrival in Athens

The Acropolis in the distance!

Our hotel in Athens

Our first Greek dinner!

Acropolis view from our hotel

Morning view from our hotel

Propylaea, the entrance to Acropolis

Temple of Athena Nike (~410 BC)


Erechtheion (421-406 BC)

The famous Caryatids

The Parthenon temple

We have been there!


Theatre of Dionysos (~500 BC)

Lykabettus hill

Temple of Zeus

Ancient Agora with Hephaestion temple

Greek Orthodox Church

Another one

Theatre of Dionysos


General view

The Plaka district

Calamares, Tsatsiki, Greek Salad

Roman Agora, Tower of the Winds (~50 BC)


Ancient Agora, Hephaisteion temple

Front view

Stoa of Attalus (restored)

Now a museum

Phallic statue


Lykabettus hill

Waiting for the sunset

The Acropolis

After sunset

The National Archeological Museum

Inside the museum


Zeus (or Poseidon) ~450 BC

Ephebe of Marathon (~300 BC)

Jockey of Artemision (150 BC)

A horny Satyr god

Grave memorials

The mask of Agamemnon (~1500 BC)

Aric and a Cycladic goddess

Cycladic art (~3000 BC)

Photographer in action

Souvenir hunting

The famous Evzones guards

A tourist attraction

Changing of the guards

Allowed to take pictures

So, here we are!

Temple of Zeus

Corinthian style

Arch of Hadrian (~130 AD)

Farewell lunch

wrote on Oct 24, 2011:
strange dressing :)

wrote on Oct 24, 2011:
Yes, but don't be fooled. They belong to the elite Presidential Guards, are well trained and at at least 1.86 tall. You should see them parading, THAT looks strange...:-)

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