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Bukit Lanjan 14-1-2007
From our balcony we have a nice view of Bukit Lanjan.
This used to be the territory of Orang Asli, belonging to the Temuan tribe.
A tar road leads up to the top of the hill (325m) , the place was popular with joggers and birders.

But in 1995 the property developer MK Land bought 256 hectares of Bukit Lanjan from the government. One of the conditions was that accommodation would be provided to relocate the 248 Orang Asli, living on the hill. They are now living in Desa Temuan, at the foot of our condo complex. Nice bungalows, but of course it remains to be seen if they are more happy here than in their traditional habitat. See this interesting article about another Temuan community near Dengkil

Near the top of the hill the big boss of MK Land has built a sprawling private mansion and unfortunately the tar road has been closed to the public.
Many condo complexes have been built already, the huge colossus of Armanee terrace for example, and the 'development' process is not yet finished. To the left of this Armanee Terrace a construction road leads like an ugly scar up the hill.
Following this road, I have tried if it is still possible to enter what remains of Bukit Lanjang.

First you pass a big collection of bulldozers and lorries, the process of forest destruction is still going on..:-(

But at the end of this road, there is a small trail, and you enter a different world!
There is still beautiful forest left.
The clear trail passes an Orang Asli house, where I am greeted friendly. Here and there the trail forks, one fork leads to a housing estate at the other side of the hill.
Some forks end in small durian plantations, it is not the season now, so no need to guard the fruits.
Finally the trail ends at the tar road to the Telkom towers, near the mansion.
I have a feeling that I am trespassing, and avoid the house, but I follow the tar road to the towers, where I have a nice view of PJ

Then back the same way. A Sunday morning well spent!

Have a look at this report by the Kiara bunch, how this paradise looked when it was still unspoilt.

Google Earth map of Bukit Lanjan

Bukit Lanjan

Desa Temuan

Building Armanee terrace I


There is still forest left!

Orang Asli house

Clear trails


Another shelter

Ginger flower
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Durian fruits

New durian seedling

Interesting tree 'fruits'

The Telkom tower

The second tower

View from the top of Bukit Lanjan

Another view.

Back to the 'civilised' world

wrote on Jan 14, 2007:
He! He! He! Really found adventure in your backyard! Who needs to go further?

Dan wrote on Jan 16, 2007:
That's a very pretty ginger flower...... :)

wrote on Jan 24, 2007:
ya.. nice flower, nice colour, nice shot :)

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